K-Drama Reaction: Manhole | Episode 15

What an exciting penultimate episode to this wacky series. I know the show has been taking the dark comedy route, but I’m still cool with it as long as they can pull off the finale in a decent manner.


I swear all the songs in this drama are daebak!


To be honest, I don’t know if we are going to return to present anymore. In this state, I feel like the present timeline is the one we are into. It’s both past and future combined. We are still in 2018, but it’s already the past events for both Soo-jin (UEE) and Pil (Jaejoong). They knew what already happened and what will happen next. They were aware about Jae-hyun’s (Jang Mi-kwan) misdeeds now, but they were still one year away from Pil’s original timeline.

Because the show has not been following a proper linear narrative, I think they have been enjoying enough leeway to play with the drama’s ending. And given the very bad ratings, I doubt they can still rise from the ashes.


I almost cried when Soo-jin tried to convince the logic out of Bong Pil. Now that Soo-jin knows about Pil’s manhole adventures, and even experienced it herself, she can really knock some sense out of Pil’s adventures during his time travels. No matter how painful it is, Pil has to accept the reality that things never worked out for him and Soo-jin. The truth hurts, but be it past or future, Soo-jin and Pil never got the chance to be together. Oftentimes, one of them ends up injured or even bedridden. I don’t want to sound negative, but come to think of it… if fate already gave Pil a chance to win Soo-jin’s heart, why are they still not together in this not-so-new timeline? Why is Jae-hyun still a problem?

It’s not enough that our main couple loved each other so much. What matters most is how they withstand life’s weird challenges together. So many missed opportunities have passed, and although they always got each other’s back, the promise of commitment still hangs in the air. That’s what is missing – commitment. It’s what Jae-hyun has against Soo-jin. He may be a dangerous person, but because Soo-jin married him, she has no choice but stick with him through thick and thin. Good thing, Pil is now ready to rescue the love of his life from the creepy psychopath that mediates and restrains them.

PS: Isn’t it great to see our main OTP have some fun moments before the series finale? I love the beach scenes so much it kept me smiling for a while. It’s been a long time since I saw Soo-jin and Pil enjoy themselves together!

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