K-Drama Reaction: Hospital Ship | Episodes 17-18

Shall I abandon the current ship and transfer to a new one?

She Trusts Him

Song Eun-jae (Ha Ji-won) agreed to operate Kim Jae-gol’s (Lee Seo-won) harrabom despite his condition which forbids them to use general anesthesia to the patient. She actually let Jae-gol assist him during the surgery and used Korean Medicine method to minimize the patient’s pain. I’m not sure if there is a basis for such approach in real science but I don’t care anymore. I really like the picture of Eun-jae, Jae-gol and Kwak Hyun (Kang Min-hyuk) working together. I may not be able to see that after these episodes as their relationship is expected to turn more complicated.

He Won’t Give Up

I didn’t expect that the conflict for Hyun and Eun-jae as a couple would be her mother’s death. I always think an inner turmoil is much harder to solve than exterior hurdles. So I’m a bit relieved Hyun is not giving up easily despite being conflicted with Eun-jae’s words and action.

She Doesn’t Want Love

Eun-jae likes Hyun! But the thing is she doesn’t want love. I actually understand where she is coming from. It also wasn’t a surprise for her character to say such thing. She has a clear goal from the start and she doesn’t like getting sidetracked by such nuances. I wonder how she would overcome her doubts and let herself just feel emotions like love?

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

A love triangle is nothing new to K-dramaverse. You’ll rather be on the main lead’s side or fall for the second lead instead. But this series is making it hard to lean on one side. My rational mind agrees that Eun-jae is more suitable with Jae-gol but my loyalty with Hyun keeps me from supporting the new ship. I could clearly see the growth with each character but will these changes affect how they’ll decide when it comes to heart matters?

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