K-Drama Reaction: Temperature of Love | Episodes 5-6

As the wind starts getting colder and the leaves changing colors, I hope Temperature of Love will give us warmth to battle the chilly weather.

Temperature of Love Ep 5 6 lee hyun soo and on jung sun riding bike

Annyeong yorabeun! I’ll be brief with my reaction on this episode and ultimately focus on what truly caught my attention.

Park Jung-Woo’s character did not leave that much of an impression on me until now. So let me discuss how the dashing CEO piqued my interest in Temperature of Love Eps 5-6.

The Charismatic CEO

Yang Se-jong is a sure-win for me coming in to this drama. I went as far as thinking that I won’t suffer from the dreaded second lead syndrome. But after watching this episode, I might have to think twice as Jung-woo is staring to show his tsundere charms, my weakness. 😂

Lee Hyun-soo finally decided to accept Jung-woo’s employment offer. She even went to a baseball batting park just to tell the Charismatic CEO that she changed her mind and is now willing to work for him.

Jung-woo’s response, on the other hand, is a bit bemusing. The expression on his face is downright serious. The way he talks and the way he acts firmly showed who has the upper hand. Hyun-soo’s tough act did not work on him when she tried to refuse his orders. Jung-woo lectured her that she has to do whatever she’s told even if it pisses her because that’s the way a company works.

Jung-woo’s action may come off as rude to some, and you may call me weird or whatnot but I actually find it sexy, charming even. I don’t know exactly what it is but there’s something about him in that scene that caught my attention and attracted me. Is it the powerful look on his eye? Maybe. Is it the way he exudes command? Can be. Or maybe it’s the subconscious  thought that despite his tough demeanor, he will always be the knight in shining suit to Hyun-soo in future episodes.

Temperature of Love Episodes 5-6 Snippets

Let’s have a brief catch up of what happened in Temperature of Love Eps 5-6.

Hyun-soo had an awkward coffee meeting with On Jung-sun’s snobby mom whom she met when she looked for the Hot Chef at his apartment. Omma told the Quirky Writer that she usually have long relationship with people but that she can’t have one with her.

Worrying that he can’t contact Hyun-soo, Jung-sun finally bought a phone, yayy! Hyun-soo’s reaction after answering the Hot Chef’s call the first time is all of us when hearing from a super handsome oppa.

Temperature of Love Ep 5 6 on jung sun calls lee hyun soo

Hong-A is starting to show her color after seeing Jung-sun calling Hyun-soo. She told her friend that the Hot Chef is a playboy who flirted with her so much.

Hyun-soo and Jung-sun spent a lot of time together with the Quirky Writer serving as the Hot Chef’s “taster” for his menu. She told him that a food becomes tastier when it has a back story.

Also, Hyun-soo told Jung-sun that their kiss means nothing and that he should not put a meaning behind it.

Writer Park wanted Hyun-soo to work for her again. The latter went to the office but once again heard a mouthful from her boss after telling her that she can no longer work as her assistant since she wants to work on her own drama. Kyung (Lee Cho-hee) also quit and even called out writer Park for being mean.

Jung-sun finally received a response from Chef Alain Passard, saying he wants to work with him. Jung-sun calls Hyun-soo to tell her the good news but the latter is crying after her sister took half of their deposit and put up the apartment for rent.

The Hot Chef quits his job at the restaurant. He had an argument with the owner/head chef before leaving since someone tampered with the inventory and made it appear that he’s stealing.

Temperature of Love Episode 6 ended with Hyun-soo ignoring Jung-sun’s call while having dinner with Jung-woo.

Tipsy Musings

PDnim continues to bless us with his cinematic treatment. Honestly, though, the switch to black and white scenes irk me a bit.

Tempeature of Love ep 5 6 bike ride on jung sun lee hyun soo

I find it interesting when PDnim give us a peek of the drama Hyun-soo is writing. It’s like a drama inside a drama and a view of Hyun-soo’s thoughts.

The scene where Hyun-soo was hiding her tears from her sister is so damn real. Reminds me of the time when you have to act tough after a long day and suck it up because that’s what adulting is about.

Tipsy Findings

Here are some Temperature of Love behind the scene pics of Yang Se-jong and Seo Hyun-jin.

Tempeature of Love Yang Sejong behind the scene

Tempeature of Seo Hyun Jin behind the scene

❤ How do you think that ignored call will change the relationship between Jung-sun and Hyun-soo?


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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