K-Drama Reaction: While You Were Sleeping | Episodes 3-4

“When you stop the running water, it diverts its course.” – Nam Hong-joo, While You Were Sleeping episode 3

The Good Guy

Jung Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk) is still in denial of the ability he developed. He just saved lives but he couldn’t accept that fact as he wanted to stay rational on dealing things. But Nam Hong-joo (Bae Suzy) keeps proving him wrong. She tried to persuade him that her dreams are events that will happen in the future but he is so stubborn to believe her. That is until he saw something bad happening to his young brother, Jung Seung-Won (Shin Jae-Ha). It push him to action and led him back to Hong-joo.

The Bad Guy

I vowed not to talk about this sly jerk lawyer, Lee Yoo-bum (Lee Sang-Yeob), but I guess I can’t avoid him just like Jae-chan. Yoo-bum is the lawyer of the accused in a domestic abuse Jae-chan is handling. I really hate the way he makes Jae-chan looked like he was the bad one to his colleagues. Like seriously, Jae-chan is the only genuine person among those prosecutors!

Now that I have vent my annoyance already. I think I have to give credit to the actors who effectively portrayed their supporting roles. Well done! It made the whole episode, generally, fun to watch.

The Weird One

We finally saw the tragic death of Hong-joo’s father. I was already expecting it to be a sorrowful childhood memory for Hong-joo. What I didn’t expect though is to see a young Jae-chan crossing path with young Hong-joo. I think it was a sort-of sign why Jae-chan suddenly developed Hong-joo’s ability. They’re fate interlaced with each other. No matter how much they want to avoid each other, they will always end up facing their connected destiny.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

After that intense premiere, things slowed down a bit in these episodes. It’s not a bad thing as it gave more details about Jae-chan and Hong-joo. The viewers were also given a foreshadowing of possible conflicts in the future and the whole plot is finally set-up for the characters. It’s intriguing how these two seemingly different main characters will help each other to fight unfortunate things coming their way. Will they succeed?

p.s. Kim So-hyun had a special appearance! I’m guessing we’ll see more of her character until the case was solved, right?

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