K-Drama Reaction: Manhole | Finale

We conclude this fun adventure with an episode full of sweet nothings and happy endings. Manhole ended with pretty low ratings, but that did not stop the fans to appreciate the simplicity that this humble show had offered from the start. It presented a story about a young dreamer who was in pursuit of love, and triumphed in the end. And for me, that’s enough. It’s more than enough.


I had mixed emotions coming into these last two episodes. I was somehow relieved that finally, Pil (Jaejoong) will reach the end of his manhole journey, and sad that I had to bid good bye to my weekly dose of Jaejoong’s perfection. 😂


So the grand duel between Pil and Jae-hyun (Jang Mi-kwan) happened in the future, where Pil and Soo-jin (UEE) were currently stuck in. After that heartfelt conversation between Pil and Soo-jin at the beach, she eventually joined her husband, believing that he will turn himself in. I admired Soo-jin (despite her poor character judgement) for continuously seeing the good in Jae-hyun. But she got what she was looking for, when things did not go the way she expected it to be. Of course, Jae-hyun would never turn himself in, and Soo-jin was considered abducted. Good thing, she still had her common sense intact, and immediately (but discreetly) called Pil for help.

And then, it began – the final confrontation. The good guy vs the bad guy. The hero vs the villain. The very K-drama-ish climax that cemented Manhole into one of the most cliched K-drama this year. To make the story short, Pil got stabbed (but survived), Soo-jin traveled through the manhole alone, and Jae-hyun was arrested by the police. End of 2018.


If there’s one thing I love about this drama (except for Jaejoong’s face), it would be the drama’s musical scoring. Whenever I got bored with some scenes, what draws me back into the fictional world would be their amazing sound effects and background music. I’m no techie prod type, but I swear whenever Pil runs (while the scoring plays), I always run with him in my heart. Whenever there’s a ray of hope shining in every character development, I smile because the musical scoring made me so. Props also to the production crew for a very decent cinematography, too. It was simple but very well presented. The backdrop for every timeline were believable enough to the point that you would just accept the hilarity and lack of logic of the time travelling premise.

Manhole Finale


I feel really disappointed that Jaejoong’s much anticipated comeback drama after his military discharge rated this low. Especially because I felt how dedicated he was with portraying Bong Pil. He shed his idol figure for this character. He became a lazy bum, a police officer, a love struck soldier, and a lurking spirit for drama’s sake!

But because Manhole’s plot is really not your deep kind of drama, I was happy that they were able to pull off the finale. They made Soo-jin travel through that manhole firsthand, because Pil will never ever make her love him alone. It has to take some effort from Soo-jin, too. It’s expected that the main couple will end up together; the only question would be how. And I am glad that despite everything, time travels and whatnot, the very thing that bonded Pil and Soo-jin was their longstanding love for each other.

Maybe the important takeaway from Manhole was Pil’s self-transformation from being the lovelorn neighbor to the dashing husband of Soo-jin. He became the greater man not because he got the girl in the end, but because he realized that the most important thing in his life was not to make Soo-jin his girl, but to make Soo-jin happy with or without him. It was the ultimate manifestation of great love – when the happiness of your loved one is more important than your own selfish thoughts.

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