K-Drama Reaction: Temperature of Love | Episodes 7-8

They say the biggest what ifs in our lives are those we did not act upon. Let’s walk through Temperature of Love Episodes 7-8 on Lee Hyun-soo’s most painful what could have been.

What Ifs and Could Have Beens

Despite Hyun-soo’s hesitations to meet him, On Jung-sun made it sure to see his lady love after receiving the internship offer from Alain Passard. The two went for a run to shake off Hyun-soo’s sulkiness, which was caused by her sister’s decision to put up their apartment for rent. While resting, Jung-sun lovingly asked Hyun-soo if she’ll wait for him. The Quirky Writer’s response was a bit vague using Amy Whinehouse’s Back to Black. (Do listen to it, the words are piercing.)

Temperature of Love Ep 7 8 On Jung Sun wait for me Lee Hyun Soo

Later, Hyun-soo shared to Jung-sun what she learned from her scriptwriting teacher – drama begins when a man and a woman break up. The Quirky Writer also explained why she does not agree with Amy Whinehouse‘s “We only said goodbye with words” line and told the Hot Chef that love is not special to her. Hyun-soo’s declaration left a dark cloud hanging above Jung-sun’s head especially with her “I don’t want to waste the precious time of my youth on love” statement.

Jung-sun tells Hyun-soo that he already received a clear answer from the latter on his plea to wait for him. But before leaving the country, Jung-sun still tried to call Hyun-soo for the last time. Regrettably, Hyun-soo chose to ignore the call while having dinner with Jung-woo. And when she tried ringing his phone later on, she can no longer reach him.

Okay, let’s get something straight here. There could be a break down of communication between the two but Jung-sun’s interpretation of Hyun-soo’s words is more than understandable. Hyun-soo obviously regrets the way she acted as seen in future scenes but you can’t blame Jung-sun for treating her statements as a form of rejection. I would have taken it the same way if I were in his shoes.

But come to think of it, what if Hyun-soo answered Jung-sun’s call, would things have changed? What if she excused herself from Jung-woo and contacted Jung-sun, would he have stayed? We don’t know how the circumstances might have turned-out but one thing is for sure. Hyun-soo’s teacher is right. Drama begins when a man and a woman part ways.


Oh, don’t mind this. It’s just me falling for Jung-woo oppa.

Temperature of Love Ep 7 8 l park jung woo confessing to lee hyun soo

The way he comforted Hyun-soo when she indirectly rejected his confession is so adorable. The look on his face and how he wrapped his arm around her is also swoon worthy. Hyun-soo might have turned down his feelings when she told him about the man she loves but oppa is too sweet and remarkably thoughtful to get mad.

Aww, my poor noona heart.

Snake Princess

It looks like a snake has been lurking around Hyun-soo all these years.

While visiting Jung-sun in Paris, the green-eyed monster possessed Hong-ah. She told the Hot Chef that Hyun-soo has a big-shot boyfriend , she got jealous after hearing from him that he loved the Quirky Writer but was rejected.

Hong-ah also shed her snake skin when she liked negative comments on Hyun-soo after the latter’s confrontation with the director was uploaded on social media.

Tipsy Findings

Did you see the analysis that Jung-woo returned to Hyun-soo? It was actually for Cheese in the Trap!

The drama that showed us how a creepy Park Hae-jin can still be lovable…

…and gave birth to the wonderful Baek In-ha.

She also mentioned Misaeng, a webtoon-turned drama which aired on tvN in 2014.

Im Siwan stole the spotlight in this series, a must-watch.

❤ The episode ended with Hyun-soo and Jung-sun meeting outside the latter’s restaurant. How do you think the K-Drama genies will paint the two’s second chance?

Temperature of Love Ep 7 8 lee hyun soo on jung sun meets again


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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