K-Drama Reaction: Hospital Ship | Episodes 21-22

Sometimes feeling ashamed can be worse than anything.

The Liar and Her Ex-Lover

I was concerned for nothing. Choi Young-eun (Wang Ji-won) lied to Kwak Hyun (Kang Min-hyuk) about her illness. She was never ill. She’s just a selfish person wanting to get back the person she once discarded. I like it when antagonists in a story aren’t really pure evil. They were just acting that way because of circumstances thy were in. But Young-eun is just that – an evil antagonist. It suddenly made her a 2D character, which sucks because I already like the conflict introduced last week.

Despite this revelation, I still understand why Song Eun-jae (Ha Ji-won) decided not to tell Hyun about his ex-lover’s lie. It is something that the two must deal.on their own.

The Father and Daughter

Eun-jae and her brother had a conversation on why his father wanted to get insurance money so badly. It wasn’t for selfish reasons. She was told it was because her father wanted to pay back his debt and start being a father to his children again. It was obvious Eun-jae was moved by this but she a good pretender. She can act tough in times like this. Even Hyun who wanted her to cry and let herself be angry at situation couldn’t convince her to do so. It’s her defense mechanism. So when she called his father ‘appa’ again, my heart ached for her. She was finally letting her vulnerable side show.

Pride and Prejudice

The situation with Eun-jae’s father is starting to get more complicated as the only doctor that can save him turned out to be Eun-jae’s former mentor, Kim Do-hoon (Jeon No-min). At first, she kept on insisting she can do the surgery on her own but she conceded with her pride and begged the person she loathed to save her father’s life. This is a huge step in Eun-jae’s growth as a character. The prideful doctor was on her knees to ask for he life of the father who brought her nothing but problems. I love it. Call me anything you like but I like seeing Eun-jae letting herself feel a bit of emotion. It makes her more humane.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

A conflict after another conflict. We’re bombarded with complicated situations in these episodes; a sign that we’re nearing the climax of this story. I’m excited to see more of how these characters applied the life lessons they learned from the ship and finally face the problems they have run away from.

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