K-Drama Reaction: Temperature of Love | Episodes 9-10

Have you ever heard of the term killing part? It’s often used in K-Pop songs to refer to the highlight of the choreography where the fans would go wild and crazy.

So now, let me walk you through the killing part of Temperature of Love Episodes 9-10.

When is Too Late?

One thing I appreciate about this drama is Lee Hyun-soo’s candidness. She always says what she feels. Yes, it might bring her trouble and pain at times but there’s something really admirable about her when it comes to that.

Hyun-soo decided to go for a run in hopes of seeing Jung-sun and she succeeded. She wanted to know why the Hot Chef thinks she has a big-shot boyfriend and the reason he asked why she was regretful and hurt. Jung-sun then denied that there was a reason behind it.

Hyun-soo tried to reason out why she ignored Jung-sun’s call back then by saying that she had something going on. He coldly responded with, “Everyone has something going on, but they still pick up. Because trust is more important.”

Jung-sun then tried to dismiss Hyun-soo by asking her if she’s not leaving yet. The Quirky Writer, being the candidly wonderful creature that she is, answered by saying that she might not be able to leave since she closed the door. She continued that that’s how it’s like in dramas when someone shuts a walk-in freezer’s door.

Jung-sun approached her and leaned in super close. And just when she thought he’s going to kiss her, the Hot Chef reached to open the door. Poor Hyun-soo, her tactic did not work, keke.

Temperature of Love Ep 9 10 kiss On Jung Sun fake kiss Lee Hyun Soo freezer

The two proceeded to the rooftop and Hyun-soo decided to say her piece. She apologized to Jung-sun and said that she understands how hard it is to confess to someone. Jung-sun indifferently answered back that she should no longer be bothered by it because it’s all in the past. He noted that he understood her then and he understands her now. He quipped that Hyun-soo should not be sorry about the past especially since both of them achieved their dreams.

Hyun-soo reacted negatively to Jung-sun’s rejection, saying that she already admitted her mistake. So, Jung-soon gave her a reality check. According to him, Hyun-soo’s admittance that she regretted it won’t fix everything and that she’s already too late.

Surprisingly, the scene ended on a light note. The Hot Chef offered Hyun-soo to have breakfast so she replied that he should reject her properly and not leave any room, haha. She “cheerfully” left Jung-sun’s place, saying, “I’m cheerful. You didn’t reject me for good.”

Tipsy Musings

Lee Hyun-soo said something in this scene that might not mean anything to someone else but undoubtedly spoke to my heart. While her parents are comforting her after her rift with the director made the rounds online, Hyun-soo said she’s crying because of work but all she can think about is one man.

Did you ever experience this? Times when you should be worrying about more important things, like your job or school, yet here you are pouring your heart out over someone.

Oppa Overload

The oppaness in Temperature of Love is starting to build up, keke, and Park Jung-woo is leading the race, well at least for me.

And speaking of oppaness, I got my eyes on these two handsome chefs, hahaha.

Especially this one. ❤

Tipsy Findings

Remember when Hyun-soo joined Jung-sun in his search for cockles in Temperature of Love Eps 3-4? The place was so picturesque that it makes you want to visit Beolgyo. But before booking a flight to Seoul and buying a bus ticket to Beolgyo, you might want to read this first. 🙂

These beautiful scenes were actually shot in Suncheon Bay Ecological Park and not in Beolgyo. In reality, Suncheon is 18 miles away from Beolgyo.

If you want to visit Suncheon Bay Ecological Park from Seoul, you need to take a 3-hour KTX train trip from Yongsan Station to Suncheon Station then take a bus.

❤ With Jung-sun rejecting her confession, how do you think Hyun-soo will win his heart the second time around?


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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