K-Drama Reaction: While You Were Sleeping | Episodes 5-6

“There are cruel moments you never want to encounter in life. And those cruel moments are always preceded by choices that brought them about. And those little choices come back as regrets and haunt us later in life. If we can alter those seemingly insignificant choices, we might be able to prevent such cruel moments.”
– Nam Hong-joo, While You Were Sleeping Episode 3

The Other Dreamer

I was warned about this twist but that doesn’t lessen my shock in this revelation. There is another person that can see the future through his dreams. Remember the good cop involved in last episode’s car accident? Han Woo-tak (Jung Hae-in) has the same skill as Nam Hong-joo (Bae Suzy) and Jung Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk). It was a welcome surprise for me because I think this makes the crime-solving aspect of this drama more exciting. There’s a third character that could balance things out between our main characters. I’m looking forward to what would this character bring to the series.

Maknae’s theory: Woo-tak wasn’t supposed to be alive. His fate was changed. I wonder if that was the reason why he suddenly can see visions of the future. Or it could also be that his past is connected to Jae-chan and Hong-joo. And that their fate is really intertwined from the start?

Jae-chan, The Childish Hyung

The familial dynamics in this drama is making me laugh hard and cry harder.

Jae-chan might still have reservations when it comes to his dreams but seeing his younger brother, Jung Seung-won (Shin Jae-ha), suffer has kicked him into action. He did what he can to save his beloved brother. Probably because he was robbed of the chance to do it for his father.

I really like how human Jae-chan seems to be. He is an unlikely hero. He wants to do the right thing but he still gets anxious about the possible consequences of his actions. He’s not completely perfect. I agree with Hong-joo’s description of him acting tough but is really a softy. I’m excited to see his character’s journey!

I would also like to mention.how adorable Hong-joo’s mother, Yoon Moon-sun (Hwang Young-hee), is. She always spewed out English words when she speaks, she is so understanding with her daughter, and she is always there for Hong-joo. I really love their close relationship.

The Pianist’s Anguish

I think we will be introduced to various “cases” throughout the series. The first one would be the story of pianist Park So-yoon (Kim So-hyun). It seems to me that these subplots would be used to make progress with the main plot.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

Is it too early for me to say this series is really well-written? Each character is being fleshed out slowly in each scene, which I think was carefully planned. I can’t say enough about how good the storyline is.

Afterthoughts of a Dongsaeng

– The last time I’ve seen Jang Hyun-sung he was playing that ambitious bad cop in Signal so it took me time to adjust seeing him as Jae-chan’s loving father.

– Nam Da-reum is still a cutie in black hair but I prefer his idol-like blond hair. JK.

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