K-Drama Reaction: Temperature of Love | Episodes 11-12

There are nearly 3,000 snake species in the world. But do you know what’s the most dangerous type? The one you trust.

Let’s delve into Temperature of Love Episodes 11-12 on how Ji Hong-ah has transformed into her reptile form.

Of Snakes and Friends

At this point in the drama, we all know how annoying and tiresome Hong-ah can get. But her wickedness just reached new heights in this episode. Liking a negative comment about your friend is mean but badmouthing her to her boss is of another level.

I can take Hong-ah’s bitchiness when she tells Lee Hyun-soo to take care of her skin even though her drama is not doing well. I can take her selfishness and lame excuse that she needs to “respect her own life” while her friend is going though some tough times. But what I can’t take is when she stooped so low and starts betraying Hyun-soo.

Jong-ah meets Park Jung-woo at his office and gives him the script she wrote for a daily drama. She then haughtily asked him to review and produce her work. The Charismatic CEO responded by saying that he’s intrigued of her “groundless confidence” hahaha.

This is when Hong-ah transformed into a full-blown basilisk. She starts criticizing Hyun-soo, saying her writing lacks popularity. Jung-woo calls her out and tells her that there’s no need to chide Hyun-soo to make herself stand out. Hong-ah boldly reasons out that she’s not like others who  choose to show their good side to be appealing, she actually does the opposite. She concluded that she wants Jung-woo to see her intense desire to succeed even if it means squashing a close friend.

Love and Gravity

In the previous episode, On Jung-sun rejected Hyun-soo’s confession but it looks like he can’t fight gravity and will for her again in no time. The Hot Chef tried to put a cold demeanor but he certainly can’t help but to worry and care for her.

Temperature of Love Ep 11 12 on jung sun comforts lee hyun soo

Hyun-soo was feeling hopeless after her drama’s rating hit an all-time low and the chief producer advised her to hire another writer. She’s now doubts her talent and starts to crumble. And who do you think is there to console her? Of course the ever lovable Jung-sun.

The Hot Chef promised to meet Hong-ah and treat her after she finally won a scriptwriting contest, but he cancelled it right away after knowing that Hyun-soo is hurting. He tried to cheer her up and when she started crying, this glorious scene happened. Okay, when will this happen to me with an oppa?

Temperature of Love Ep 11 12 On jun sun carries lee hyun soo

Nomu nomu joa!

This is obviously me thirsting over Jung-woo or Kim Jae-wook, honestly. But I couldn’t agree more with Hyun-soo when she said that oppa is so sexy when he does his lopsided smile. That type that you won’t notice unless you pay close attention to him. ( ❤ _ ❤ )

Tipsy Musings

Is it only me or do you also think the K-Drama genies will push this love lines?

❤ Adorkable couple  Joon-ha and Kyung

❤ Visual ship Ha-sung and Soo-jung (Chae So-young)

Tipsy Findings

Since I’ve been spazzing because of this handsome chef for several episodes now, let me share some swoon-worthy pics of Ha-sung oppa.

Name: Cha In-ha – 차인하 (born Lee Jae-ho – 이재호)

Birthday: July 15, 1992

Height: 183 cm/6’0

Ch In-ha oppa is actually a member of Fantagio’s actor group SURPRISE U, which debuted last July 7. SURPRISE U is the hoobae group of Fantagio’s first actor group 5URPRISE, which includes Seo Kang-joon and Lee Tae-hwan.

Here’s the showcase stage of their debut song “I Do,” enjoy!


❤ The episode ended with Hong-ah standing outside Hyun-soo’s door while Jung-sun is inside. How do you think this scenario will change the two’s already strained friendship?


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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