Jung Hye-sung, Yoon Kyun-sang courted for SBS cop drama Doubtful Victory

2017 is indeed a busy year for these trendy stars. Actor Yoon Kyun-sang (Doctor Crush) and actress Jung Hye-sung (Manhole) have both confirmed that they received offers for upcoming SBS cop drama Doubtful Victory.

Yoon Kyun-sang‘s agency, Popeye Entertainment, affirms the actor was offered the lead role and they are positively reviewing the said project. If he accepts the drama, this is Yoon Kyun-sang‘s second time to top-bill a series after finishing MBC’s Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People just last May.

Doubtful Victory tells the story of  Oh Il-Seung (Il-seung literally means victory), a framed ex-convict who faked his way to being a detective assigned at the metropolitan investigation unit.  Yoon Kyun-sang is up for Il-seung’s character, who is also described as someone who is street-smart, has a fierce temper and handsome face.

Jung Hye-sung, on the other hand, is offered the role of Jin Jin-young, a Class A inspector at the investigation unit who carries a stellar performance record but does not believe in the idea of teamwork. If Jung Hye-sung agrees to do Doubtful Victory, this will be her first time to lead a drama after debuting in 2009.

Let’s cross our fingers that a cute love line will be developed between these two characters despite the show being tagged as a cop drama.

In other news, Yoon Kyun-sang is also offered to lead KBS’s new office drama Jugglers. Let’s see how he will choose between playing a charismatic fake detective or a stoic boss.

Doubtful Victory will be helmed by Shin Kyung-Soo who who is behind Six Flying Dragons, and will be penned by Lee Hyun-joo of School 2013. Doubtful Victory is expected to take over Temperature of Love‘s current 22:00 Monday-Tuesday time slot in November.

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