Shin Jae-ha, Jung Hae-in from While You Were Sleeping book follow-up drama

If you are watching While You Were Sleeping, these two rising young guns may have already caught your finicky fangirl eyes! Actors Jung Hae-in and Shin Jae-ha from the ongoing SBS drama While You Were Sleeping have both signed on to be part of tvN’s upcoming miniseries Wise Prison Life.


The drama will be under the helm of acclaimed PD Shin Won-ho, the genius behind the Reply series franchise. It will center in the lives of different personalities confined in prison.

Jung Kyung-ho (Missing 9, One More Happy Ending), f(x)’s Krystal Jung (Bride of the Water God), WINNER’s Kang Seung-yoon (High Kick), and Park Hae-soo (Legend of the Blue Sea) have all been earlier confirmed to join the drama’s cast.

Jung Kyung-ho, Park Hae-soo, and Krystal Jung (Photo from:

<< Krystal Jung, Kang Seung-yoon reportedly joining Reply series PD’s prison drama

5 thoughts on “Shin Jae-ha, Jung Hae-in from While You Were Sleeping book follow-up drama

    1. Yessss, that’s LJS of W. He’s the male lead of While You Were Sleeping opposite Bae Suzy ☺ You should watch WYWS! It’s really good! Good script + plot + aesthetics πŸ˜€

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      1. Omo! Im atually watching W right now and im currently on ep 13! THAT KDRAMA IS WILD AND SICK HOT DEYM. I thought LJS is haunting me! I keep seeing him too everywhere these days! 😒❀

        Will watch this next! I didnt know hes such a good actor!! πŸ˜‚

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      2. #4 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I can honestly say LJS is pretty good in choosing drama projects. Story-wise, they are all good!

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