K-Drama Reaction: Revolutionary Love | Episode 1

Only Choi Siwon can turn a very annoying character into an adorable one! Revolutionary Love premiered this weekend, and my friends, it did not disappoint! It was romantic comedy with a heart. I was laughing and crying and laughing again, without hesitation. The pilot episode was pretty fast paced, but everything is fine with me. Heck, I was even ready for a bad plot for the sake of watching Siwon’s comeback to dramaland.

The drama started off pretty strong in introducing its main characters. It basically described what the modern Korea is all about today – the difficulty of finding a stable job with a decent pay, and the unfair treatment among the ordinary workforce and the elite. The plot may be over-the-top, and the depiction of reality may be becoming more common now in K-dramas, but I hope Revolutionary Love has something fresh to offer, aside from its overused plot.

Careless Chaebol Byun Hyuk (Choi Siwon)

A lovestruck freeloader of life. He is the second son of the Kang Soo Group chairman who lives off of his parents’ wealth. He is introduced through a very chaotic plane ride home, where he wailed about his gold digger ex-girlfriend bailing out on him on a trip in Bali. He is the definition of a sheltered rich boy, who has never seen things that ordinary folks do on a daily basis. This is a very annoying character to portray, but Siwon somehow managed to make Byun Hyuk so charming despite his pompous, entitled attitude.

My gosh, Si-won is soooo back! I miss his antics so much, and I can watch him getting all frizzy and fancy all day. Byun Hyuk’s immaturity is at its peak, and I can sense a character development along the way. I was so glad Siwon got this project, and I think Hyuk’s character jives with him so perfectly. I am so ready for more naive chaebol hi-jinks to ensue in the coming weeks!

Notorious Part-timer Baek Joon (Kang So-ra)

This heroine can kick some ass! The moment I saw Joon running for her dear life just to get that precious back pay from her part-time job, I knew she’s extraordinary. She may be viewed initially as a Candy with a fear of commitment to the corporate world, so her career choices may be blurred for now. I can’t blame her though. Working in the 21st century, not just in South Korea, can be considered a helluva challenge. I was so intrigued as to how her father got sucked up in the dirty corporate world, which was apparently a great factor in her decision not to apply for a permanent job.

Enduring Manager Kwon Je-hoon (Gong Myung)

Byun Hyuk’s childhood friend who also works for Kang Soo Group. He cleans up after the mess created by Hyuk, like literally. Every single trouble he is with, he scours heaven and hell just to save Hyuk. I feel bad for him for being like this, but I cannot entirely blame him for being like this. Based from his mindset, people are treated based on the things they do. I was laughing so hard while Hyuk’s was running from the wrath of his angry father, but after I saw Je-hoon literally taking the hit (a baseball bat at that!), I can’t help but think that somehow his situation was also his fault. He was always ready to bend the knee, to take the blame for the wrongdoings of others, especially those undeserving people who do not care about his worth.

I can already feel that this show will give me second lead bug once again, just this time it’s Si-won who gets the girl. Je-hoon may have a stiff and cold-hearted façade, but his daily struggles to put up with the shenanigans of entitled rick kids, who can blame him? I just don’t get yet why he turned down Joon’s love confession when they were still in college, when it seems to me that he feels the same way at her until now. Maybe some daddy issues? Or maybe career choices? I can’t wait to watch the dynamics between our three main leads especially now that Hyuk enters the scene. How will this impact Je-hoon’s affection for Joon, and does Joon still like Je-hoon after all this time?


It was so lovely to see Weightlifting Fairy’s Dr. Jung Jae-yi again! Lee Jae-yoon is Byun Woo-sung, Hyuk’s older brother. We see him being the more obedient son, even asking Je-hoon to bribe the prosecutor involved in Hyuk’s most recent legal battle.

Sharing this short poem uttered by the adorable Hyuk after discovering that his gold digger ex-girlfriend cheated on him with his friend:

Losing my love, I write
Goodbye, those short nights
Goodbye, those desires that are
no longer mine.

Byun Hyuk is definitely on the poetic side of things after watching this episode. I liked how he described his meet-cute with Joon:

Before she called my name,
I was just merely a gesture.
When she called my name for the first time,
I became a flower.

-Byun Hyuk, Episode 1

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