K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 1

Tragic deaths, discovery of an unidentified skeleton with silicone breast implants, hidden identities—this is how Black’s pilot episode kicked off. And I’d like to say that even though everything seems to be a part of a huge jigsaw puzzle for now, episode 1 succeeded in awakening my curiosity. Take note that this episode is an hour and a half long, so be sure that you have something to munch on before you click the play button.


One of the reasons why I volunteered to do the K-Drama Reaction for Black is Song Seung-hun. I have loved him since Autumn in My Heart, and seeing him again in a K-Drama makes my fangirl heart feel ecstatic. We are first introduced to his human character Han Moo-gang, a detective whose stomach is too weak to handle the sights of human remains. He is often called dimwit by his sunbae because he’s kind of slow and lacks the basic abilities of a detective, but I have a hunch that that is only his disguise to cover up an investigation he’s doing on his own.

The development of his relationship with Kang Ha-ram (Go Ara) from just being a customer-cashier at a burger joint to being partners aiming to save people’s lives with the help of the latter’s ability to see shadows of death is pretty fast, but I’m not complaining. Too bad that his partnership with the death-seeing girl seemed to end abruptly after he got killed in their first mission together. So from episode 2 onward, the one that we’ll be seeing is the grim reaper named Black, who took over Moo-gang’s dead body.


I have only watched Go Ara once and that was in Hwarang, and admittedly, I wasn’t so impressed by her acting performance there. But basing on what she’s been showing so far here in her new drama, I believe she’s on her way to redemption. She was impressive during her hysterical scene inside an airplane wherein she saw the passengers’ shadows of death and tried to stop the aircraft from taking off. I think that she’s perfect for the role of Kang Ha-ram because she can make full use of her gorgeous hazel eyes. I also felt relieved that her character isn’t as gloomy as what it looked like in the drama’s character posters and first stills.

I’m already having a good feeling about Ha-ram and Moo-gang’s partnership especially when the former discovered that the latter is actually her long-lost childhood friend, but that good feeling was immediately shut down when the loser detective was killed in a hostage drama. So assuming that a romance grows between Ha-ram and Moo-gang, then the one with whom Ha-ram falls for is actually Black who’s now taken over Moo-gang’s body? Awww, it makes me sad that Ha-ram and Moo-gang didn’t even have the chance to catch up after the many years they’ve spent apart.


Yup, that’s Samshin Halmeoni of Goblin right there. She’s not a goddess here, but a mortal doctor rather who’s in a relationship with Detective Han. She appears to be kind and gentle, but the truth is she’s hiding skeletons in her cabinet. We’ve learned in this episode that her real name is actually Kim Sun-young and not Yoon Soo-wan. I’m curious to know why she decided to change her identity, what exactly happened to her two decades ago, and what is in the tape that a certain hysterical woman desperately wanted from her. I also want to see how she will meddle with Ha-ram and Moo-gang’s relationship given that she’s in love with the latter, who comes back from the dead but as somebody taken over by a grim reaper.


It seems like another ZE:A member is set to try out acting following the footsteps of other members like Im Si-wan and Park Hyung-sik. He’s none other than Kang Dong-gun, who plays the character of second-generation chaebol Oh Man-soo here in Black. Aside from a peek at his life as a rich young man plagued by the typical chaebol-in-a-Korean-drama dilemmas like complicated family affairs, I haven’t seen anything memorable from him  yet here in episode 1. But I have high hopes that he’ll be given more screen time in the next episodes.

How about you? Did you catch Black’s first episode? Let me hear your thoughts about it!




  1. I am so excited that someone else is watching Black. I discovered it late last night. I’m still on Episode 1. I have a question about Yoon Soo-Wan…. was she the person in that medical file? If so, did she undergo a gender reassignment surgery….or….was that an accidental finding in that yearbook Han Moo-Gang was looking at?

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