K-Drama Reaction: Hospital Ship | Episodes 25-26

I couldn’t count how many times I’ve said “here, here” in these episodes.

How To Survive Without a Friend

We met a new patient in these episodes – the Seoul-chic ahjumma, Geun Hee (not Geun Ja!). She seems a snob city woman to her childhood friends but little did they know she has a lot of problems to face. I’m really curious what her story would be.

Also, since the series focused on Song Eun-jae (Ha Ji-won) and her family woes recently, they haven’t handled some new medical case. I didn’t know I kinda miss seeing them running around saving lives. I also have to point out how peculiar the diver’s case is. I’m not sure if it’s just because I haven’t watched a lot of medical dramas before but I really haven’t seen something similar. When Hospital Ship started, I really though their unique setting was a good choice and they are really taking advantage of it now.

Can I also mention the opening scene for episode 25? That was hilarious. But at the same time, it was nice to see the Hospital Ship crew helping out Eun-jae with her problem. She now appreciates the relief of having people to share your problems with.

How To Marry Without Dating

I was wondering if Eun-jae suddenly had a change of heart. She asked Kim Jae-geol (Lee Seo-won) to a dinner date! Okay, my Team Jae-geol heart is exaggerating a bit. But they did go out alone (just the two of them!) and Eun-jae actually proposed to Jae-geol (no big deal). She said it nonchalantly I had to rewind the scene just to double check if I’ve read the subtitles right. When she explained herself, her proposal became clearer. I was taken aback how straight-to-the-point their talk was. She wants to own the hospital and be a daughter to Jae-geol’s mother so she’s proposing to him in a way only Eun-jae can. She told everything to Jae-geol and he took it cooly.

I’m happy Jae-geol is staying away from the “greedy second lead” path. Instead, he’s becoming a voice that pushes our main characters to come to terms with their feelings. I’ll pray hard to dramagenies, he’ll have a happy ending even if it wasn’t with Eun-jae.

How To Love Without Getting Hurt

Jae-geol asked questions that made the very intelligent doctor Eun-jae think hard. He asked directly if Eun-jae likes Kwak Hyun (Kang Min-hyuk) and she told him no. Eun-jae is becoming the living proof that being smart is not a guarantee you’ll also be as smart when it comes to love. Or she already knew the answer but she just keeps on denying/avoiding it. Did she really doesn’t want love? Or she’s just afraid to get hurt?

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

The storytelling slowed down a bit for these episodes. An expected move as most of the conflicts involving Eun-jae has been resolved. It was also a way to finally deal with the remaining problems, which includes the complicated relationship of Eun-jae and Hyun. It may seem an easy conflict to solve but for the people involved in such circumstance, it’s not simple. Especially for someone like Eun-jae. She has built a concrete wall around her and letting someone in is too difficult for her. And I’m glad they are taking some time to do it because it wouldn’t feel like the character change in a snap. Now, I’m placing my bet the remaining episodes would be tough for all those aboard the Eun-jae x Hyun ship but I’m pretty sure it’ll stay afloat until the end.

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