K-Drama Reaction: Temperature of Love | Episodes 15-16

When it comes to male leads, what is your style? Do you like the silent and mysterious type? Or do you prefer the happy and caring one?

Do you usually fall for the perfect prince? Or you’re more into the snobby tsundere guy?

My fellow K-Drama drunkards, let’s take a look at Temperature of Love Episodes 15-16 on how unique of a male lead On Jung-sun’s character is.

New Breed

At the start of a K-Drama, you’ll already get the feel of what type of character the male lead is. And as the show goes on, you’ll see his flaws and charms. You’ll either fall for it and support him or get annoyed and root for the second lead.

Jung-sun can be considered as a new breed of K-Drama male lead. He’s not your usual alpha character with strong personality and goes straight to what he wants. He’s calm and stern at the same time. He’s the type who says what he feels but will give you the space and time for your own thoughts. He can be brutally honest yet caring. Jung-sun is not the type to push his feelings to someone.

When it comes to the Hot Chef, there are no aggressive hugs or wrist grabs. You can’t expect a forceful kiss from him either. He has his own unique way of making you long for him and he’ll let you decide on the merits of his feelings for you.

As much as these characteristics can be seen in good light, it can come off negatively as well. It all boils down to one’s preference. For me, though, I’m not yet sure if I’m into his style. In reality, if I have to choose between Jung-sun and Park Jung-woo, I don’t know who I’d pick , well at least for now. Maybe I’ll get a decision later on.

Getting Lost in Order to Be Found

As Kyung and Lee Hyun-soo are leaving their house to go on a trip to Yeosu, Jung-sun appeared out of no where and tells the girls that he’ll help with their baggage. And with the K-Drama genies’ blessings, Jung-sun invited himself to join the vacation and drove the two to their hotel.

The Hot Chef and the Quirky Writer spent the whole day on their own after Joon-ha stole Kyung. Joon-ha was actually trying to build the bridge between Hyun-soo and Jung-woo but ended up doing Jung-sun a favor.

Jung-sun and Hyun-soo went on this romantic yacht ride, had lunch, then visited a  famed tourist spot in Yeosu,  the seven rock crevices which local legend says will make your wish come true if you pass through all of them.

While resting, Hyun-soo decided to go to the ladies room and Jung-sun lovingly reminds her not to get lost. Remember in the first episode how bad Hyun-soo is with directions? Well, she forgot her way and ended up panicking how she’ll never see Jung-sun. The Hot Chef was worried sick as well so he went on to find Hyun-soo. And just when the timing is right and Hyun-soo already realized how precious Jung-sun is to her, he found her.

Hyun-soo tearfully hugs Jung-sun then goes on with her confession. She says, “I messed it all up. I was acting nonchalant and conceited. I ignored all the signs you sent me…I lost you because I thought about it too much…I thought about it enough times in the last five years…”

Temperature of Love Eps 15 16 Lee Hyun Soo hugs On Jung sun confession

She continues, “I love you.”

Temperature of Love Eps 15 16 lee hyun soo says i love you to on jung sun

Tipsy Findings

Temperature of Love Eps 15 16 soho dong bridge

Jung-sun and Hyun-soo ended their day visiting this beautiful bridge in Yeosu.

It’s called Yeosu Soho Dong Dong Bridge (여수 소호동동다리), or at least what my basic Hangul tells me.

Here are more photos of the beautifully-lit bridge.

And in case you want to visit the picturesque port city of Yeosu in South Jeolla province, you can take an almost six-hour bus trip from Seoul Central City terminal or choose KTX. The train ride takes about three hours and 20 minutes.

It’s indeed a long travel from Seoul. But who knows, maybe your Jung-sun is waiting there? kekeke

</3 I’m wondering how this heart-breaking scene will change the dynamics of Jung-woo’s relationship with Hyun-soo and Jung-sun. Let’s find out in the next episode!


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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