K-Drama Reaction: While You Were Sleeping | Episodes 11-12

Find a guy who will issue an arrest warrant at the right time and at the right moment. ㅋㅋㅋ

The Insurance Fraud Case

These episodes delve into the murder and fraud charges against Kang Dae-hee (Kang Ki-young). What on earth did this guy went through that he had to kill his brother for money? (and also cats!) The Seoul Hangang Prosecutor’s Office (SHPO) was in shock as he was acquitted of his charges. Thanks to the infamous lawyer, Lee Yoo-bum (Lee Sang-yeob). There were lapses in the initial investigation and I had to agree to Yoo-bum (urgh) that it’s the prosecutor’s job to present concrete evidence to indict a suspect and get him behind bars. This is where the dreaming skills come in handy. Jung Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk) have clues and all he had to do is put it in the right places like puzzle pieces to see the whole picture.

I never hated any Ki-young’s supporting characters in the past as much as I hate Kang Dae-hee. This cat-killer is a cruel serial murder with no soul at all. My blood boils every time I see his face on the screen. He even managed to make Lee Yoo-bum look like a much better person. And I have to acknowledge Ki-young’s acting skills for that. He won’t be as effective if he’s not a veteran actor at all. I can’t believe he can act as two-face serial killer as well. I thought he was just a silly supporting character because he’s always relegated to such roles. But his While You Were Sleeping appearance is a proof he can do more. Kang Ki-young is da bong!

Batman, Robin, and Lois Lane

I’ve seen them work together in Park So-yoon’s (Kim So-hyun) case but are trio’s work chemistry isn’t tried and tested yet. In this mission, however, we kind of see how each of them can work well to succeed. Nam Hong-joo (Bae Suzy) and Han Woo-tak (Jung Hae-in) are doing the small but detailed tasks to make it a bit easier for Jae-chan to finish what they started, which in this case means prosecuting the suspect with the right charges and sufficient evidence. I can totally see them working well as an effective team working to save the world (or at least the Seoul Hangang District).

The Ongoing “Happily Ever After”

My considered “comfort zone” when it comes to drama genre is romance-comedy. I can sit through even with the worst series in this genre because I love it. The lighthearted moments, the falling in love journey, the painful conflicts, and the happily-ever-after. I’m confident that I knew the romance formula by heart. So seeing our main characters in a sort-of dating-with-no-label status is a refreshing sight for me. The characters I usually watch had their HEA at the end of the series. But Hong-joo and Jae-chan are dating happily as it is. Watching them feels like peaking through scenes after the HEA that I never had the chance to see in rom-coms. Yes, it’s true they are still in that getting-to-know-each-other stage and they have to face some troubles but isn’t it the case for everyone whose in a relationship? You discover new things to the person you love every now and then as you date him or her. You have to get through some hurdles along the way too. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an HEA. Hong-joo and Jae-chan’s relationship is making me widen my definition of romance.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

I take back what I said in my first reaction that I regret getting this drama to review. I’m now glad I took the challenge of reviewing a Park Hye-ryun-penned series. It gave me an outlet to let out all the feelings this series made me feel in just an hour of episodes. My neighbor might think I’m going insane as I laugh, cried, and cheer so loud while watching these episodes. The series has the right balance of every good element in K-drama. The silly antics, lovable female lead, heroic hero, and interesting storyline. It would be hard for any other dramas to topple While You Were Sleeping from its rightful place as the best series of the year. (I’m crossing my fingers I didn’t jinx this drama and let it end well. Dramagenies jebalyo!)

Afterthoughts of a Dongsaeng

– I would totally understand if Shin Hee-min (Go Sung-hee) falls (she literally did!) in love with Jae-chan. I mean, his smile alone is disarming.

– Lee Yoo-bum has a conscience after all. I’m sensing there is a story why he suddenly become an evil lawyer.

– I love the Jung Brothers! I really like seeing the sometimes-heartwarming-most-of-the-time-hilarious scenes of Jae-chan and his younger brother, Jung Seung-won (Shin Jae-ha).

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