K-Drama Reaction: While You Were Sleeping | Episodes 9-10

Facial expressions can be deceiving. Sometimes we can read someone’s mood, thoughts, and feelings from their facial expressions like an open book. But some people can use their facial expressions like a mask that conceals their moods, thoughts, and feelings. Nevertheless, there are flashing moments that collapses the border between such deception and truth. The truth that no one could see. The truth that you didn’t want anyone to find out. There are brief moments when they’re revealed to the world. Let’s not close our eyes if we ever happen to face such moments. Don’t pretend you didn’t see it. Don’t avoid it. Face it squarely.
– Jung Jae-chan, While You Were Sleeping episode 10

Woo-tak’s Theory

I’m not the only one trying to figure out what’s behind the dreaming phenomena. Han Woo-tak (Jung Hae-in) is also making a hypothesis of what lead him to dream about the future. As a cop, he couldn’t just let it go. He wants to figure out everything. And this inquisitorial attribute is making me like him even more.

But let’s go back to Woo-tak’s theory. His findings are:
(1) Nam Hong-joo (Bae Suzy) is dreaming about incidents that will happen to strangers.
(2) Jung Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk) dreams about Hong-joo’s future.
(3) Woo-tak dreams about Jae-chan’s future.
(4) Woo-tak felt he was hit by a car and died during the time Jae-chan saved him. It felt so real.
(5) Jae-chan had the same experience when he was a child. He almost drowned but he felt dying at that time.

So, Woo-tak concluded that he started dreaming about Jae-chan because he saved him from death. And the kid that saved Jae-chan is Hong-joo because Jae-chan dreams about Hong-joo’s future. Therefore, the visionary dreams start when someone saved your life. I couldn’t agree more. His theory makes sense. But Jae-chan didn’t believe Woo-tak because he thought the kid that saved him was a boy. It was a flawed memory because we all know the baseball-loving short-haired kid is Hong-joo.

Jae-chan’s Mission

Jae-chan can deny all day but it is obvious he genuinely cares for Hong-joo. Let’s do Woo-tak’s methodology to prove this theory.

Maknae’s findings:
(1) Jae-chan let Hong-joo “clung onto him” and “pester” him in the morning and every time she gets a chance.
(2) Jae-chan doesn’t deny the rumors they are dating.
(3) Jae-chan let Hong-joo used his tie to wipe his tears.

(4) Jae-chan let Hong-joo lean on his shoulder when she felt afraid.

(5) Jae-chan understood Hong-joo. He can see the real her; what she really feels behind that smiling mask. And he goes out of his way to comfort her.

So, Maknae, therefore, concludes Jae-chan is slowly (but surely) letting Hong-joo enter his heart, mind, and soul. My description is cheesy and hackneyed but it’s true. Jae-chan is making it a mission to protect Hong-joo not just because of his conscience nor because her mother asked him to. He wants to protect Hong-joo because he truly cares about this smart, beautiful, and warmhearted woman.

Hong-joo’s Predicament

I confess that I initially brushed-off Hong-joo as your typical over the top bubbly K-drama female lead. There’s nothing wrong with her but she didn’t make an impact to me at first. These episodes changed that perception. It introduced the real Nam Hong-joo – passionate, intelligent, and brave. If I saw my own death in my dreams, I’ll run away and will never look back. But not Hong-joo. Yes, she took a break from her work as a journalist but that made me love her more. It made her more humane. She could feel nervous and afraid because she’s not a perfect human being. The thing is she doesn’t let such setbacks stop her permanently. She feels that burning desire to do the things she loves so she let herself do it even if it meant she’ll die. She is not your typical TSTL character. She is the type of character you’ll fall in love with.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

I have another confession to make, I liked While You Were Sleeping but there’s this one little hole in my fangirl heart that it didn’t satisfy. At first, I tried to brush it off because story-wise it’s well-written. Its cinematography is a feast in the eye. Its episodic pattern keeps me at the edge of my seat. But I can’t feel any personal attachment to it. Like I was dating a handsome oppa but can’t feel any butterflies in my stomach. These episodes filled that itsy-bitsy hole and made my fangirl heart commit to love this series until the end. I felt the personal attachment I was looking for. I fell hard to Hong-joo in these episodes and even if things get wary, there’s no turning back.

Afterthoughts of a Dongsaeng

– Kang Ki-young (aka sous-chef; my fave character among his roles) is the feature character in these episodes. I thought it was a cameo. But it turns out he’s involved in the next case our characters will handle.

– I hated the Division 3 prosecutors and personnel. But just like Jae-chan, I got used to them already and can now see their actually fun to be with.

– I’m actually surprise I’m not annoyed with Shin Hee-min (Go Sung-hee). But I have this feeling I’ll get there soon or maybe not.

– I love this OST!

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