K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 2

A sacred rule for grim reapers: never ever make an eye contact with a mortal in love or else a tragedy would happen to them. What do you think it is? It makes me wonder if the grim reaper-possessed Han Moo-gang (Song Seung-hun) should now avoid looking straight to Kang Ha-ram’s eyes (Go Ara) following her self-confession that he’s her first love.


We clearly saw that Detective Han passed away in episode 1 after getting shot in the head during a hostage drama, but he came back alive and kicking after some time. It shocked the hospital staff because who would not? I mean, a man declared dead suddenly opened his eyes and stood up as if nothing happened. But not only that is shocking here, the loser detective wasn’t also acting himself since his resurrection. He became rude, cold and crazy, and started acting like… a pervert?! Yeah. He stormed out of the hospital only in his gown, boots and jacket, and nothing underneath! And I think he’s proud to parade his *bleep* in public, eh? But do I sound complaining? Definitely not! Never. ㅋㅋㅋ But am I the only one who finds Moo-gang’s behavior weird? I mean, why is it he’s acting as if he knows nothing about the world of mortals like it’s inappropriate to walk around almost naked?

Additionally, I’m curious to know why Black chose to take over Moo-gang’s body of all the dead bodies in that morgue. Another thing is that I think someone wanted Moo-gang dead because he didn’t actually die of a gunshot wound from the hostage taker, but of a bullet that was deliberately aimed at him by a sniper. Could it be because of the investigation he’s doing on his own? Also, who’s the man who injected some liquid into Moo-gang’s IV? Is he an accomplice in the plot to kill him?

Just a thought: in Goblin, it is Kim Shin who can transport to another place by just passing through a door. Here, Black can also do the same thing. We just haven’t seen yet if he can also become invisible or erase a mortal’s memories like Lee Dong-wook’s grim reaper character in Goblin.


I can understand where Ha-ram’s anger towards Moo-gang is coming from as it’s really confusing why the latter seemed to pretend that he doesn’t know her at all. I mean, they’re childhood friends, and not everyone in the world has those gorgeous hazel eyes and the ability to foresee deaths like Ha-ram. So, Moo-gang should’ve recognized her right away when they met at the burger joint.

Another sad thing about Ha-ram is her bad relationship with her mother. Her animosity towards her increased even more when she discovered that her omma didn’t even bother to find out whether her dad’s death was really an accident or not. Her mom definitely has reasons. I also know that her mother has an acceptable explanation for saying that she considers falling in love with Ha-ram’s father and giving birth to her as mistakes, though I must admit that these must be very painful to hear.

If I’m curious to know why Moo-gang became possessed by a grim reaper, of course I’m as curious to discover how Ha-ram acquired her ability to see shadows of death. Did she have it ever since she was born? It must be really tough for her to live her life like an outcast. Imagine, she has to wear sunglasses all the time to avoid seeing these scary shadows.

So, is this Black’s real face?

Only two episodes in but I already have lots of questions in my head. Do I still wanna continue watching it? I honestly don’t know! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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