K-Drama Reaction: Revolutionary Love | Episode 2

This drama reminds me of so many K-dramas rolled into one… Shopping King Louis, The Heirs, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Fight My Way, Cheongdamdong Alice, High Society among countless others. But what made it different was the way Choi Siwon and Kang So-ra handles the impressive chemistry in selling the Chaebol loves Candy drama trope.

Not-So-Big Reveal

I love how this drama decided not to prolong the revelation of Hyuk (Siwon) being a chaebol!! It’s so tiring to watch romcoms that draaaags the “chaebol-in-disguise” premise, and Revolutionary Love did such a pretty amazing job of unearthing the truth at an early stage. Now, we can all focus on Hyuk’s Ondal transformation!

In case you’re wondering, the scene where Hyuk’s mother approached a shaman, telling her about the presence of a woman in Hyuk’s life. The “Ondal” reference was about “Pabo Ondal” or Ondal the Fool in Korean folklore – a man who married a princess and changed for the better because of her.

Reckless Troublemaker

I did not know Hyuk’s accidental encounter with flight attendant Ha Yeon-hee (Kim Ye-won) during their flight was that of a big deal!! We witnessed Je-hoon (Gong Myung) working tirelessly in the pilot episode to stop the news about Hyuk’s alleged sexual harassment against the flight attendant to leak, but his efforts were wasted. The scandal still reached the media, and Hyuk’s father is furious about it! The company is in chaos, and he beats the hell out of his misunderstood son in front of their company’s board members.

I feel bad for Hyuk for being judged this way. Yes, he may be a spoiled brat sometimes, but he is not a pervert! I just hope his abusive father realizes this soon enough.

Almost died laughing when Hyuk joined Joon in her part-time job at the construction site! He now knows the struggle of earning a small amount of money from hard labor.

I really love that Hyuk is so into poetry. The sweetness in his character overpowers the immature and rowdy image that others thought of him.

All wounds are similar to flowers and the radiance of flowers. The wounds that bleed give off the fragrance of flowers. The heart of the person pierced with the fragrance has a large wound. From that wound, there was a fragrance of flowers.

 – Byun Hyuk, Episode 2

The Other Side

Wow, Woo-sung (Lee Jae-yoon) is really a piece of trash! I did not expect him to be on the evil side, but now, I cannot help but compare him to My Love From Another Star’s Jae-kyung hyung. So, he was behind all the media leak?? I won’t be surprised if he also instigated every media exposure about Hyuk’s troubles.

Thank goodness, Joon was able to learn about this early on while driving Woo-sung’s car as a chauffeur part-timer.

Official Day 1

In order for Hyuk not to be caught by the police, Joon (Kang So-ra) and Je-hoon teamed up together to save him at the hotel. In return, Joon is asking for five million won. LOL. Everything still boils down to proper compensation for our heroine.

But Hyuk had another offer: he wants Joon to stay with him in exchange of a monthly salary. And in true Joon fashion, she won’t go down without a fight. She negotiates that there should be no personal talks during their time together, and her work schedule should only be from 9am to 7pm.


I really dig this opening OST of Revolutionary Love! Joon made quite a strong appearance in the pilot episode by running after her former employer, with this fun and upbeat background song, “Strange Romance” by Chun Dan-bi.

The Revolutionary Love cast also recently made hilarious pledges in connection with their viewership ratings! Siwon promised to go to Myeongdong with his co-stars to give free hugs to fans if the show reached 10-percent ratings. And once they pass 20-percent, he will kiss his “mon ami” Gong Myung! Dramagods, please make it happen, jebalyo!

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