Choi Daniel, Lee Wong-geun, Kang Hye-jung team up for Jugglers

KBS2’s Jugglers has now a clearer future with the casting of Choi Daniel, Lee Won-geun, and Kang Hye-jung in the lead roles.

Choi Daniel (Big Man) will play the character of Nam Chi-won, the HB’s video operations division boss who worked his way up through hard work and determination. He has a cold personality, does not talk much, and has no interest in others. Despite all these, he has an odd charm that makes him very attractive to women. This role was first offered to Yoon Kyun-sang.

On the other hand, Lee Won-geun (A Person You Could Know) will take on the role of Hwang Bo-yool, the head of HB’s sports division. He is the troublemaker grandson of the company’s owner, but his life is set to change once he meets his 89th secretary for the year.

Kang Hye-jung (Lucid Dream), meanwhile, will portray the role of Wang Jung-ae, a wife of 15 years who returns to work after her husband never returns from hiking. She becomes Hang Bo-yool’s kind and caring secretary.

Jugglers tells the story of a boss who does not care for others at all, and a secretary who cares to a fault. It is set to premiere in December following Witch’s Court.

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