INFINITE’s Sungyeol, Pyo Ye-jin cast in KBS daily I Love Even If I Hate

Infinite’s Sungyeol (Hi! School: Love On) and Pyo Ye-jin (Fight My Way) are cast in the new KBS daily drama I Love Even If I Hate.

Sungyeol will play the role of Hong Suk-pyo, a CEO who works as a janitor at his mother’s company due to unavoidable circumstances. He is grumpy on the outside, but is hungry for love on the inside as he grows up lonely.

Pyo Ye-jin, meanwhile, will portray the character of Eun-jo, who always bicker with Sungyeol’s character. Soon, they will find comfort in each other.

I Love Even If I Hate is a heartwarming story about the conflicts and reconciliation of parents and their children. It is set to air this November from Monday to Friday.

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