​K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 3

Oooh, so there are two types of grim reapers according to this episode: the first ones are the pure descents of the upper world who are born as grim reapers, while the second ones are the humans who committed suicide and are turned into grim reapers as their punishment. Almost the same with Goblin, right? Although here in Black, grim reapers still remember their lives as humans, a situation that often hinders them in performing their task to collect souls of the dead.


We’re now enlightened on why the grim reaper chose to occupy Han Moo-gang’s (Song Seung-hun) body. We’ve known this grim reaper as 444 (Kim Tae-woo). Wait, what? I thought his name is Black? Confusing! So, Grim Reaper 444 is after a runaway grim reaper (actually his partner who belongs to Category 2), and being a detective in his human form will be of great help for him to track down his target fast. He should catch the runaway grim reaper ASAP or else he would be punished by the Death Squad for failing to look after him. Truth is I’m hoping that Moo-gang can still be saved because I feel so bad that he and Kang Ha-ram (Go Ara) will just end whatever beautiful childhood memories that they have that way. I also want Moo-gang to finish the investigation that he’s doing, which I believe has something to do with Yoon Soo-wan (Lee El). But I know my wish is impossible to happen because what else can bring a dead person back to life other than a miracle?

Another grim reaper asked 444 why the heck he can’t act as a human when he’s been dealing with them for so long. My question, exactly. His antics are funny, yes, but I also find them weird. If he wants his mission to succeed, then he should be more careful or else he’d be busted. Thankfully, Moo-gang’s co-detectives only think of his unusual behavior as an effect of his gunshot wound in the head.


Black (or should I address him as 444?) is now aware that Ha-ram can see shadows of death, which led him to the idea of using her as his eyes in tracking down his runaway partner. I like the idea that this could be the start of a closer relationship between the two, but I hate it when Black used Ha-ram’s feelings for Moo-gang to persuade her to accept his proposal. He knows that humans are emotional beings that’s why he’s capitalizing on it. I’m guessing that while Black and Ha-ram work together in catching the runaway grim reaper, they’ll fall in love with each other and their goal will shift to saving people’s lives. Everything will be more complicated once Ha-ram discovers that the Joon oppa she’s been working with is not him anymore, while Black will be torn on whether he should obey his heart or the rules of heavens.

Are you also wondering why Ha-ram doesn’t see any shadow coming from Black’s dead human body? Hmmm… I can’t help but feel hopeful for Moo-gang because of this.

Well, it’s not only Black who made a proposal for Ha-ram. Oh Man-soo (Kang Dong-gun) also seeks her death-seeing capabilities to help him revive their ailing insurance company, and I should say that his method to use the document that has something to do with the death of Ha-ram’s father as bait to persuade her is also very disappointing. Though I can’t fully hate him because he’s also a pitiful person, and a dog lover just like me. Hee-hee.


Another death happened in this episode. This time, the victim is a woman who worked for Man-soo’s insurance company, and I believe that she had knowledge about Soo-wan’s past. If Black’s deduction that the killer wants information from the victim, then could it be about Soo-wan? And if it’s not the runaway mental patient who killed her, then who? I’m getting more and more curious to know what really happened to Soo-wan 20 years ago, its connection with the discovery of a skeleton with breast implants and the killing at the mental hospital, and why was Moo-gang so much invested in the case? Let’s find out in the next episode!

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