K-Drama Reaction: Temperature of Love | Episodes 17-18

 Annyeong yeorobun! I hope you’ve been well. This is me writing underneath a pile of tissues after NU’EST won their first music show since debuting in 2012. Hard work indeed will never betray you.

Now, off to Temperature of Love. I will focus my Episodes 18-19 reaction on the one scene that made me stand up and scream omona!


On his drive home after seeing the Jung-Hyun couple with hearts in their eyes, Park Jung-woo realized that both On Jung-sun and Lee Hyun-soo confide in him about their love, he just didn’t see that the two were pertaining to each other. This left me thinking how our Charismatic CEO would react to the situation. He could either give up for the sake of friendship or fight for his love.

If Jung-woo decided to suppress his feelings and pretend that he’s happy for the Hot Chef and the Quirky Writer, it will kill him slowly inside. But if he chose to jump and battle Jung-sun for Hyun-soo’s affection, he will risk losing two of his closest friends. Either way, he’ll lose.

But it looks like PD-nim had it planned all along. This is the part where I screamed my lungs out because of excitement and hit my unni’s arm so hard that she kicked me back.

Jung-woo asked Jung-sun to prepare breakfast for him and while they were eating, he asked the unbearable question. Their conversation went like this.

JW: If the woman you like likes another man, will you give up?

JS: I might give up, but not before I give it my all.

JW: Same with me. Then what if that man was me? Would you still go all the way?

JS: Of course. Wouldn’t you do the same?

(Intense stares)

JW: I would.

The two’s conversation ended with Jung-woo telling Jung-sun that he’ll propose next week, and the Hot Chef responding that he’ll do it well that even if she likes someone else Jung-woo will be the star of the night. Now tell me, who wouldn’t get excited for the next episode?

The Curious Case of Park Jung-woo

Ji Hong-ah visited Jung-woo in his office to tell him that she no longer wants to work on Unruly Detectives because it’s a sinking ship; she previously agreed to join the drama’s new team of writers when Hyun-soo quit proving she’s a pretentious conniving snake. She then declares how she knew about Jung-woo’s feelings for Hyun-soo.

Yes, it’s a given that Hong-ah is annoying as hell but a question she asked Jung-woo piqued my interest and made me really curious.  She asked him what he has been doing in the last five years and why is he behind when it comes to winning Hyun-soo’s heart. It got me thinking, yeah, Hong-ah’s right. What has he been up to for the past half decade that he was not able to make Hyun-soo fall for him. He had all the chances to pursue her while Jung-sun is out of the picture.

Yes, he confessed to her once in 2012 and she tearfully revealed to him about the man she loves who slipped through her fingers. But what did he do since then? Maybe he thought to give her some space while grieving for the love she lost. Maybe he was busy helping her achieve her dreams. Maybe all he did was making her feel better. Maybe. But isn’t five yours long enough to steer someone’s emotions? It’s just sad to see that Jung-woo might be another character who lost his chance because of hesitations.

Tipsy Musings

This is nonsense and I just find Kyung super cute in this scene. She was watching Inside Out with Hyun-soo and she impersonated Sadness, kyeopta.

Another scene to break your hearts.

While leaving Good Soup, Hyun-soo runs into Jung-woo who offered to walk her home. The walk was cold and silent as Jung-woo thinks of Jung-sun and Hyun-soo. Upon arriving at her house she tells him that she has something to say. The Charismatic CEO replied with, “Numer 1, it’s personal. Numer2, it’s work related.” Hyun-soo answers it’s number 1. Jung-woo then tells her not to say it before turning his back.

Seo Hyun-jin, the Kissing Queen

Temperature of love ep 17 18 on jung sun lee hyun soo hot kiss

This just seals the deal that Seo Hyun-jin is a big contender for the K-Drama Kissing Queen title.

Temperature of love ep 17 18 seo hyun jun yang se jong hot kiss

Temperature of love ep 17 18 jung sun hyun soo kiss

This may be not as promiscuous as Another Miss Oh but I’d still give it 5 stars.

Tipsy Findings

In case you can’t get enough of Jung-sun and Hyun-soo’s steamy kisses, here’s a behind the scene clip.

❤ With Jung-woo being decided on his plan to propose, it’s no doubt the next episode will be an oppa showdown! See you.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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