K-Drama Reaction: Revolutionary Love | Episode 3

As Baek Joon (Kang So-ra) and Kwon Je-hoon (Gong Myung) managed to help Byun Hyuk (Choi Siwon) out of trouble, more complications arose. Joon took Hyuk to the construction site again, and our poetic hero caused another fracas inadvertently.

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Innocent or insensitive?

Just when you thought Hyuk could not get any worse, he engages in another trouble again! But this time, he’s not alone in the pit. Because of his penchant for all things fancy, he accidentally caused a concrete brick to fall from the scaffolding while trying to get some dandelion. Thankfully no one was really hurt, but it became the root of the episode’s drama.

The adorable two ahjussi and ahjumma at work all came to Hyuk and Joon’s rescue, defending them against the evil construction company CEO who was accusing them of attempted murder. It’s so annoying to the point that it became funny already. I know this is fiction, but the unfair treatment against laborers is eerily realistic – all the threats, bribery and corruption.

The only silver lining about Hyuk’s annoying behavior is his journey through self-improvement. His personality is a work on progress, and he needs someone who will be able to understand him no matter what. Although he really is a piece of work, especially his accidental troubles, let us not forget that Hyuk has never been really properly trained as an adult. He acts like that because he grew up too sheltered. Remember how he even wanted to turn himself in but was beat up by his dad instead? No one in his world really taught him to act properly as a normal human being, so his immaturity is topnotch. Even Je-hoon never taught him how to behave properly, since he was always busy cleaning up his mess. He became too dependent to the people surrounding him that he even thought that everyone in this world likes money.

I really felt Hyuk’s journey to redemption is getting near when he realized that even strangers took his side, and trusted that he really was innocent. He really needed that moment, especially after being doubted countless times by his own family.

Hard work is not enough

After things got a little twisted at the construction site, Joon spent the entire episode saving other people from the mishap caused by Hyuk. Joon may seem so uptight, but I loved that she did not bail out on Hyuk. No matter how much the construction job meant to her co-workers, she cannot risk Hyuk’s life by revealing his whereabouts.

I am loving Kang So-ra’s portrayal of Joon. Her frustrations towards life… especially when reminiscing how her late father reminded her not to make important life decisions based on money.


Although Revolutionary Love feels out of sync at times because of its slapstick comedy, I am still digging it! I am willing to give this a chance not just because I love Siwon, but also Hyuk brings the promise of positivism that even the most inconsiderate people are still capable of changing for the better.

For now… let’s listen to this heartfelt OST sang by Younha 😊

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