Baek Jin-hee cast as Choi Daniel’s leading lady in office drama Jugglers

The main cast for the upcoming KBS office drama Jugglers is now complete with the casting of Baek Jin-hee (Missing 9) as Choi Daniel’s (Big Man) leading lady.

Baek Jin-hee will play the role of a bright, affable secretary, who gained the title “tailor-made supporter sent down from the heavens” because of her competency. She will meet the greatest challenge in her career in the persona of her boss (Choi Daniel) who has no interest in developing interpersonal relationships and believes in doing all the work by himself.

Also cast in the upcoming drama are Lee Won-geun (Mystery Queen) and Kang Hye-jung (Lucid Dream).

Jugglers is a comedy office drama set to air this December following Witch’s Court.

<< Choi Daniel, Lee Wong-geun, Kang Hye-jung team up for Jugglers
<< Kang Hye-jung to possibly return to dramaland via Jugglers
<< Yoon Kyun-sang receives offer to lead KBS2 office drama Jugglers


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