K-Lookbook: Song Hye-kyo (Descendants of the Sun)

Song Hye-kyo is one of the first Korean actresses I’ve loved. She introduced me to the sometimes-heartbreaking world of K-drama. Seeing her announce her wedding made my heart ache like I’m losing a real unnie. But I’m also happy as a fan that she has found a man she would like to marry.

Before she walks down the aisle, let’s look back with all the fashion inspo she gave us in Descendants of the Sun. Kaja!

My faves among Kang Mo-yeon’s outfits are her A-line denim skirt and shirt combo and her off-white shirt-dress. It’s the go-to ensembles for girls who want to keep it simple yet stylish.

Maknae’s tip: A-line cut flatters your body not matter what your shape is. It draws the attention to the waist for those with pear-shape bodies. While for those with boxy-shape bodies, A-line cuts also minimize emphasis on the hips and add the appearance of curves.

I always say that in fashion, fit and size are important but K-drama characters are rule-breakers. Hye-kyo wore oversize button-downs and coats but it didn’t make her dowdy. There are rules worth breaking anyway.

Hye-kyo has been featured in K-Lookbook’s summer special. Her chino shorts are a must have to stay fab and be as hot as the summer!

One thing I have noticed with Hye-kyo’s wardrobe in DOTS is the frequent appearance of corduroy sweaters. Rummage through your mom’s wooden trunk to see if there is an old corduroy pullover that’ll warm you up on a cold night especially now that Song Joong-ki is not available anymore ㅋㅋ.

She may be the soon-to-be wife of flower boy Song Joong-ki but Song Hye-kyo will always be the autumn goddess will all fell in love with!

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