K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 5

Another rule for grim reapers: never ever meddle with humans’ affairs or death matters or else their fate will be in peril.


Kang Ha-ram (Go Ara) decided to accept Black’s (Song Seung-hun) offer for them to use her ability to foresee deaths to save human lives without her knowing that the latter has an ulterior motive. Like what I’ve said, I was not surprised when Ha-ram changed her mind after meeting a special child who has shadows of death with him in Mujin (almost the same name with yet another fictional town of Muji in Save Me) because she is naturally a kindhearted woman. Of course, Black declined Ha-ram’s appeal for help, but Grim Reaper 007 (yep, the one who loves K-Dramas very much) reminded him that he would be in danger once the death-seeing girl succeeds in preventing the child’s scheduled death. It’s because Black saved Ha-ram from a speeding car at the bridge, allowing the latter to possibly prevent a death. Due to this, Black had no choice but to follow Ha-ram in Mujin to stop her from altering the child’s destiny.

Is it just me or Black was really so furious when the child molester teacher dragged Ha-ram with his car? It makes me want to think that he’s starting to feel something for her. I would have mixed emotions if that’s the case. I mean, I want Ha-ram and Moo-gang to continue whatever special connection they had as children, but the problem is Moo-gang isn’t Moo-gang anymore. And wait, why is it Ha-ram wasn’t shocked of Black’s superhuman strength? The child molester teacher’s car almost flipped over when Black stopped it using only his hands but it seems like it’s just a normal thing for Ha-ram.

I also wonder why Black keeps on seeing flashbacks of Moo-gang’s past. I’m particularly curious with the scene where the young Moo-gang and another boy decided to dig up the time capsules the former and the young Ha-ram buried at the school grounds. Hmmm, could the two boys dug up another thing that is connected with Yoon Soo-wan a.k.a. Kim Sun-young’s (Lee El) mysterious case? Remember there was also a scene in one of the past episodes where the two boys were being chased by the mental hospital patient?

I thought Black already decided to break the rules of heavens by helping Ha-ram prevent the boy’s death, but then we saw the shadows still hanging around their target, which means the child will still die as scheduled. You know, I’m torn on this situation. If I have Ha-ram’s ability, what should I do? Should I help people and meddle with life order or should I just turn a blind eye and let things happen? Ahhhh! I honestly don’t know.


I think the clues surrounding Soo-wan’s 20-year-old case are now starting to make sense. I’m guessing that she’s involved in teenage prostitution and the hysterical (trans)woman asking her about the tape is “Clara,” a mama-san running a prostitution house. I also think that the skeleton with silicon breasts found in the first episode could be of “Clara.”

Oh Man-ho (Choi Min-chul) could also have a huge part in this whole mystery especially involving the deaths of Soo-wan’s friend and Mujin’s commisioner general, which by the way were both perpetrated by a middle fingerless minion. If this wild guess is correct, then what could be Man-ho’s motive? Probably it’s all purely about protecting their family business because it’s impossible that he’s doing it for his father, who was once tempted to get sexual services from one of “Clara’s” girls, because they’re not in good terms.

What do you think?

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