K-Drama Reaction: Revolutionary Love | Episode 5

We are on our way to Hyuk’s (Siwon) road to redemption and self-improvement!

Two-faced, “cheapskate” Je-hoon

I knew it! Je-hoon (Gong Myung) was the one who gave Joon’s (Kang So-ra) mother the money! I knew there would be some twist of fate in that final scene, and it’s just right to make Je-hoon the secret benefactor. It’s obvious that he likes Joon, too. It’s just unclear yet why he chose to step back and avoid admitting his feelings, and treat Joon coldly instead. We all know Joon used to like Je-hoon when they were just in college, and saw how Joon got rejected by him.

I was laughing hard at Hyuk’s unfading innocence, thinking that Je-hoon gave Joon’s mother the money just because he asked him to. He would never doubt his friend, much more suspect him of also liking Joon.

Also, Je-hoon’s character is getting more interesting for me. He apparently spies for both CEO Byun (Choi Jae-sung) and Woo-sung hyung (Lee Jae-yoon), but I still in the process of figuring out what’s Je-hoon’s plans could be. He is playing it safe for now by filtering the information he relays for both the father and son. I also like how Je-hoon is low-key helping Hyuk learn the value of money by asking to pay rent. Through this, Hyuk will get why people work so damn hard to pay bills and make ends meet. Je-hoon may seem harsh, but in the long term, Hyuk will look back in this moment and thank Je-hoon for teaching him how to survive the real world without asking for anyone’s help.

Discrimination exists everywhere

Now that Hyuk is getting more and more aware of the normal lives of ordinary people, he is slowly waking up to the harsh reality of unfair treatment that exists not only in South Korea, but everywhere in the world. We are divided by social class… and we are treated accordingly. The working middle class may complain all they want for being discriminated by the elite. But nothing beats the unfair treatment experienced by the lower income class and the poor.

Hyuk followed Joon at daybreak to a job market, which he has never seen in his life. They ended up getting a job at a labor contracting company, along with our construction trio, and got flustered after realizing that they would be the new cleaners of Gangsu Group’s office building.

Because of this, Hyuk was able to experience firsthand how their own company maltreats its lowly janitors, and agency-hired employees. From the perks of the mere company ID to being prohibited to eat at the office cafeteria, Hyuk was able to witness everything. And because of this, he was able to strike a deal with his chairman father in a very uncanny way.  LOL

Joon’s supportive background

Our heroine is now aware of Hyuk’s feelings for her! Yeon-hee (Kim Ye-won) told our clueless Joon that everything that Hyuk does is because of her. Hyuk aims to be the better person because of Joon. He wants to make Joon happy and protect her from any harm at all costs. I don’t know if Joon still likes Je-hoon, because every one in this dramaverse seemed to notice this except her. Now that Yeon-hee was able to wake up her unaware self, she starts to realize everything that Hyuk did for her in a different perspective. Is love about to bloom for her this time?

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