K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 6

One more interesting finding about grim reapers according to this episode: if they start having dreams, that means they’re becoming more and more human. So, they should hurry up in finishing whatever mission they have or else they might be forever stuck in their human form.


Black (Song Seung-hun) got so agitated to catch his runaway grim reaper partner ASAP to finally leave Moo-gang’s dead body because he definitely doesn’t want to become one of those “uncivilized” human beings. To do this, he needs to act kinder toward his “eyes,” Kang Ha-ram (Go Ara). But he just couldn’t seem to force himself to be more gentle with her because they still end up bickering. But I will never get tired of it because they totally look funny with their petty fights. I was particularly laughing out loud with the scene where Ha-ram tripped, but Black didn’t bother to catch her so she fell face down on the ground. Hilarious these two!

But even Black has the death-seeing girl by his side, tracking down and catching his target still seem to be a not so easy task to do. But who knew that a top star would be the perfect bait they’ve been looking for? Wait, I’m a bit confused here. So, the runaway grim reaper was friends with this top star named Leo when he was still alive? And this Leo bullied him and stole his girlfriend from him that’s why he committed suicide and vowed to become a ghost and latch onto him to make him pay for everything? Woah, what a bold act of revenge huh?

Anyway, I’m now really thinking that Black has already developed feelings for Ha-ram though he’s just unaware of it. Why did I say so? Well, he acted like a jealous boyfriend when Ha-ram showed admiration for Leo and when our heroine and Oh Man-soo (Kang Dong-gun) coincidentally dressed up as Fiona and Shrek, respectively, at the Royeol Insurance company’s Halloween party for its young VIPs. So cute. And because Leo was there, Black and Ha-ram needed also to be there. Care to guess what did Black dress up as for the party? Surprise! It’s Brad Pitt’s Joe Black! ㅋㅋㅋ


It’s now almost confirmed that the man behind the killings is Oh Man-ho (Choi Min-chul) especially when we saw on the CCTV footage the faceless culprit’s wristwatch with a butterfly design. Well, I wasn’t surprise. The first time I saw this man I already sensed that he’s evil. Who would beat up his own young brother with a golf club?

Now, the question is, what could really be his motive? In my previous K-Drama Reaction, I said that it could be because of his desire to protect the image of their businesses. His dad once became a customer of a teenage prostitute in Mujin and if this got exposed to the public, their business empire would suffer. I also remembered a scene from one of the previous episodes where he sarcastically asked his father what he would do once his beloved younger son Man-soo discovers his dark secret. Now I understand that Man-ho was referring to the teenage prostitution issue.

So, Man-ho ordered his middle fingerless minion to bring to him Kim Sun-young a.k.a. Yoon Soo-wan (Lee El). I also think he’s the one behind the ransacking of Moo-gang’s basement where the photos of his secret investigation and the tape that everyone seems to be looking for are hidden. The minion’s hunt for Soo-wan ended up in a car chase that led to Black getting stabbed and falling into the river. Black could’ve easily leave Moo-gang’s dead body and let it drown, but the thing is he couldn’t! Could it be because he’s now become a human?

Admittedly, I was at first confused about the whole family troubles of the Ohs. I thought that their issues are a bit out of place considering the fantasy feels of the drama. But with the latest story developments involving them, I’m now starting to think that they’re on the right place and peaking at the right time.

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