K-Drama Reaction: Revolutionary Love | Episode 6

Something has always been wrong with the Byun empire since the beginning, and finally our hero is slowly opening his eyes to the longstanding injustice tolerated and even perpetrated by his own bloodline.

Reliable Je-hoon

Joon (Kang So-ra) was hospitalized for over fatigue and colds. Poor Hyuk (Siwon) was supposed to stand as her guardian, but because he was unaware of hospital processes (aka filling out forms and paying bills), he was almost helpless before the nurses’ station. Cue in Je-hoon to save the day! I hope Hyuk noticed how Je-hoon was able to fill out Joon’s personal information in a blink of an eye. Je-hoon even knows Joon’s blood type and registration number!

Invisible discrimination

Omo, that evil jerk Min Sang-ho owns even the cleaning services agency?? Our heroes are in big trouble after that incident with the meal coupons, so rough tasks are assigned to Hyuk and Joon. Not to mention Woo-sung (Lee Jae-yoon) is supporting CEO Min in oppressing Hyuk and the laborers.

As part of the “Operation: Eliminate Hyukie,” the teamjangnim asked Hyuk to clean the building’s outer walls to his mother’s shock! Hahahaha. I was laughing hard the entire time! Seeing Hyuk’s father cheering for him while wiping those exterior walls was hilarious!

Anyway, I am more than happy that Hyuk is wide awake in the misdeeds of his older brother. He was really embarrassed by what’s going on, but he cannot stay still because of the ongoing injustice in the company.

In denial Candy

Ahhhhh, my heart! I smile every time Hyuk smiles! And now that Hyuk is all-out in pursuing Joon, and Joon is aware of Hyuk’s feelings for him, I hope we get to see some fan service lovey dovey scenes in the next episodes!

I felt really bad for Hyuk suffering motion sickness during that wall cleaning moment, but his smile while pretending to be strong before Joon was really admirable. Sometimes I think Hyuk was so over-the-top goofy that he is already fooling around with Joon, but seeing how he is changing for the better, maybe his love is pure and true. Don’t you think too?

Well, let’s see how his sudden announcement that Gangsu Group has “decided” to absorb the janitors as direct-hired employees will change the dynamics of his road to redemption.


What’s the deal with that police officer? I thought everything has been cleared out on the harassment case already?! He apparently lives in the apartment building! Talk about major coincidence… or not?

Major props to the Reply 1988-ish feelz during that rush hour bus scene! LOL

And now that Hyuk realized it’s war between him and hyung, his actions must be calculated than before. Every step, every move… he will carry the weight not only of his personal transformation, but also the change that the Gangsu Group desperately needs.

This is because of you,
Like watercolor spreading in water
slowly and elegantly,
you changed my heart to your color.
I can’t go back to the color of the water
since my heart changed to your color.
Just like this, your changed my heart to your color.”

– Byun Hyuk, Episode 6

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