Kang Ji-hwan, Kim Ok-bin offered to lead OCN’s new fantasy suspense drama

Kang Ji-hwan (Monster) and Kim Ok-bin (The Villainess) have received offers to lead OCN’s latest drama, a supernatural detective series called Children of a Lesser God (literal title). Both actors are reported to be considering the casting offers positively.

Kang Ji-hwan is offered to portray an elite investigator who decides to quit the lifestyle despite the fame and prestige. Meanwhile, Kim Ok-bin is courted to play a warm-hearted maknae investigative with supernatural vision. Children of a Lesser God will follow the story of these two detectives in unraveling the ongoing corruption behind a tragic incident within a large organization.

PD Kang Shin-ho (The Heirs) will take on the drama’s direction, while writer Han Woo-ri of the popular investigative documentary, SBS’s We Want to Know, will debut in the drama genre as the main writer.

Children of a Lesser God is scheduled to air sometime during the first half of 2018.

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