K-Drama Reaction: While You Were Sleeping | Episodes 17-18

“Anger can make even things that are right unbearable.”
– Nam Hong-joo, While You Were Sleeping episode 18

The Society’s Prejudice

Jung Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk) struggled to prove his ruling not to persecute Do Hak-young. Thanks to the media manipulation of the very resourceful lawyer Lee Yoo-beom (Lee Sang-yeob). He persuaded the public’s opinion with facts unrelated to the real case. It didn’t help that the victim was a beloved archery champion, Yoo Soo-kyung. But Jae-chan managed to get substantive evidence through the help of Nam Hong-joo (Bae Suzy) and Han Woo-tak (Jung Hae-in).

The title of this episode is so fitting, “The Usual Suspect” because it tackled the issue of prejudgment. People tend to only look at the obvious when such issue arise. They point finger at someone most likely to be a bad person without scrutinizing the circumstances. People, in my opinion, are afraid to think and think differently. And it was perfectly shown in this week’s episode.

The Chestnut’s Dreams

I was just wondering last week when would Jae-chan and Hong-joo discover that they’ve met years ago during the most tragic day of their lives. And I got it this week! Jae-chan finally realized Hong-joo is his baseball-loving comrade, Chesnut. She was the bus driver’s daugher who saved his life which makes Hae-in’s theory correct. Jae-chan dreams about Hong-joo’s future because of that life-changing moment. I really love the narration of their past. It came as the characters remember lessons they’ve learned from that unfortunate event. It really contributed to the way they act as an adult.

Also, the revelation was used as a turning point for Jae-chan’s feelings for Hong-joo. Knowing that she was that kid brought clarity to why he was drawn to Hong-joo.

The Prosecutor’s Sacrifice

The famous Spiderman quote, “With great power comes great responsibility”, is overused already but it aptly describes Jae-chan’s situation. He has the power to change things and correct the huge misunderstanding the archer’s case created. But comes with it is the scrutiny and the blame from unyielding people who can’t accept they were wrong. He did his job despite the harassment from the public and people close to him being put in a difficult situation. Yep, even his high schooler brother was ostracized by quick-judging teenagers.

It was not surprising at all that even though our trio managed to change the future it still led to Jae-chan becoming the target of an “aggrieved” person’s anger. The archer’s father shot Jae-chan just before he met Hong-joo. It was what Hong-joo dreamed about.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

We’re entering another phase in the series. Our characters are closer and are more in tune with how they felt with each other. They are also learning that staying on the right lane is a difficult task. I wonder if they could maintain their idealist thinking while going through the tough road of life.

Afterthoughts of a Dongsaeng

– I’m totally onboard the JaechanxHongjoo ship but this guy’s smiles sway my heart often.

– Assistant Detective Choi Dam-dong is crawling up to the long list of Kim Won-hae’s characters that I like.

– You always have that one friend who you could turn to when you want to hear the hard truth about the world. For Jae-chan, it is probably Prosecutor Shin Hee-min (Go Sung-hee).

– Suzy reacting to netizen’s comments was a hilarious take on how annoying people are online. They post malicious comments bravely because they can’t be seen. It infuriates me how they have time to put hateful comments online without looking at themselves in the mirror. People should remember freedom of speech is different from relentless bashing.


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