Sung Hoon to lead Sound of Your Heart drama sequel

Sung Hoon (My Secret Romance) is confirmed to lead the KBS2 drama Sound of Your Heart – Reboot: Jerks, which is a sequel to Lee Kwang-soo’s Sound of Your Heart drama series aired last year.

Sung Hoon will reprise Lee Kwang-soo’s role in the original drama who is a cartoonist named Jo Suk.

This webcomic-based drama will start its filming this November and is slated to air sometime next year.


One comment

  1. Sung Hoon, the sexist actor who was proud to have taken part in in the drama My Secret Romance (which romanticized sexual assault) and whose face screams, “Punch Me,” is replacing Lee Gwang Soo in Sound of Your Heart. Yuri, who is one of the main girls in SNSD, which has a history of fetishizing Asian women through aegyo, is seizing the role of Ae-Bong. They are bastardizing the whole point of the original comic, which challenges the notion that you don’t have to particularly abide by a set of conventional aesthetics in order to become recognized in both the worlds of webtoons and television. So, thank you, you have just lost an avid fan. Lee Gwang Soo and the original cast are what made the show great, and after you used them to promote this show worldwide, you discarded them for conventionally “prettier” actors. How shallow can you get?
    You just destroyed the whole purpose behind the original storyline. I hope Season 2 fails because you demolished the hope and comedy the show gave so many audience members.
    fyi, Sung Hoon and whoever helped decide this are the piss lords of shit mountain and I wish their brainless skulls were strapped down on train tracks for the Polar fcking Express to run over.


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