K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 7

“We call those who have lost their spouses by death widow or widower. And children who have lost their parents are called orphans. But do you know what parents who have lost their children are called? There’s no word. It’s so cruel that there’s no word for it.”

This tore me up inside. I could feel the intensity of the emotion of the father who desperately seeks justice for the death of his only son in a building collapse in Mujin from 20 years ago. You know, we have here in the Philippines a drama anthology series called Maalaala Mo Kaya, and I could still remember its episode where a mother delivered almost the same lines. It’s so memorable for me because it also touched me to the core that’s why I recognized the similarity right away.


So basically, this whole episode revolved in the revenge plot of a Mujin building collapse victim’s father against the construction company owner who faked his own death to flee from his obligations. There are a lot of unfortunate things that happened in that place from 20 years ago, eh? I seriously want all the secrets of this drama to be revealed once and for all because my head hurts already. ㅋㅋㅋ

Kang Ha-ram (Go Ara) and Oh Man-soo (Kang Dong-gun) were sent to a mission to find the man wearing a wristwatch with a butterfly design to prevent him from killing Man-soo’s abuji and the revengeful Mr. Park. Black (Song Seung-hun) was also tagged along, but we all know that he doesn’t share the same goal. He has his own, and that is to catch a runaway grim reaper so that he could finally leave Han Moo-gang’s body.

I have this strong feeling that the Mujin building collapse incident has something to do with the teenage prostitution case involving Han Soo-wan (Lee El). If you could remember, there are photos and news clippings about the incident at Moo-gang’s basement. Also, there’s one photo where the construction company owner was seen together with an unidentified man wearing the same wristwatch that Ha-ram saw in her visions. I’m guessing that that man is either Man-soo’s father or his brother Oh Man-ho (Choi Min-chul). One more thing, Man-ho’s minion helped the construction company owner before ultimately killing him. Now, the question is how exactly are these two cases related? 

Going back to this grand revenge, I’m not in favor of Mr. Park’s plan to force the fugitive construction company owner to reveal himself to the public by kidnapping and threatening him with the life of his son, but I can totally understand where he is coming from. It makes me so sad that he and his sick wife got killed when the middle fingerless minion meddled in. I’m almost sure that Man-ho has something to do with it, and that protecting their business is once again his main motive. Because if the Mujin building collapse incident case gets reopened, the Royeol company would be forced to give insurance to the victims’ families because the building was insured. What an evil man. I’m sure he already has a place in hell waiting for him.

But wait, how come Mr. Park died of gunshot wounds when Ha-ram clearly saw him getting stabbed in her vision? Another thing is that it’s the construction company owner’s son who should’ve died in the explosion and not Mr. Park’s wife. I wonder what caused these changes?


Why do I feel like Grim Reaper 007 knows something about why Black couldn’t get out of Moo-gang’s body? Now that Black is becoming more and more human, he experiences different things that are odd to him. He’s now having dreams and flashbacks about Moo-gang’s life. He now also cannot teleport using doors. He’s now learning how to sympathize with people whom he used to hate. And… he now gets jealous! I like how he tends to be very possessive and childish whenever he’s jealous of Man-soo or Leo. ㅋㅋㅋ 

Three more episodes left! Make sure to tune in until the end!

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