K-Drama Reaction: Revolutionary Love | Episode 7

As Hyuk (Siwon) strives to be a better person for Joon (Kang So-ra), he continues to make trouble not only for himself, but also to his family’s company. And now that the administration of Gangsu Foods is completely shaken by Hyuk’s sudden announcement of directly hiring the cleaners, what will our hero do to save the day this time?

Cowardice or Conformity?

“To see the right and not to do it is cowardice.” – Confucius

As expected, Hyuk got beaten by his abusive father. But what strikes me in this scene was the way Hyuk handled the hostility of CEO Byun. And although we always see this hero as full of quirks, I was reminded in this scene that he is slowly changing indeed. He now had the guts to prevent his father from hitting Je-hoon (Gong Myung) on his behalf.

CEO Byun hit the right notes during that confrontation with Joon! His words sting so hard that it even woke the sleeping tiger within our heroine. Because of being accused by Hyuk’s father that she was a coward, Joon decided to enter the internship screening with Hyuk to prove herself. Though I hate to admit it, I somehow agree with CEO Byun when he told Joon that all she does was complain when she does not even try to get in in the first place.

Support Group Matters Most

We spent the entire hour watching Byuk and Joon prepare for the internship screening! What a fun sight! I really love our construction buddies-turned-cleaning trio! They were helping Hyuk and Joon in every possible way to pass the intensive review and training.

Also, their words of encouragement was so heartfelt. It’s something that Je-hoon lacked in his life. While Hyuk’s friends and family were busy putting him down, these newfound friends were doing their best in cheering him up so he could pass the test.

Stained Brotherhood

So, we saw a bit of the hyung-dongsaeng backstory in this episode. We got a glimpse how Hyuk used to take the blame for his older brother Woo-sung (Lee Jae-yoon). And how ungrateful hyung has become. CEO Byun might be training his youngest son by asking him to enter their company as an intern, and Woo-sung is bothered by this thought.

What I found admirable in this episode of Hyuk’s transformation is his realization that not only your family, friends, or loved ones can be your most trustworthy companions. Sometimes, the happiest and most emotional moments in our lives could happen when we are with strangers and acquaintances.


We have a new love team to ship! As much as I want to figure out the motive of police officer Jang Cheol-min (Kang Young-seok) in moving in to the loft, I am ready to brush it off for now for more screen time for him and our clueless flight attendant Ha Yeon-hee (Kim Ye-won)!

Found this gem of a GIF courtesy of Dispatch 😊

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