K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 8

Sure, I was asking for some character development for Oh Man-soo (Kang Dong-gun), but I wasn’t expecting it to be this shocking!


Though everyone is saying that it was really Man-soo who beat up and almost raped Tiffany, I still don’t believe it. Because just like what Kang Ha-ram (Go Ara) said, he isn’t the type of person who would do such thing. Probably, it was his brother Man-ho’s doing to divert the public attention from Woo Byung-sik’s death. But what puzzles me is how come it was carried out so flawlessly? All the evidence are pointing to Man-soo as the perpetrator. He has a wound on his neck, and even Leo was saying that he saw someone with a glow-in-the-dark paint on his body standing by the window where Tiffany fell off to flee.

Whether it was really Man-soo or not behind it, the more disturbing fact is that the incident led to Tiffany and her daughter’s death. It breaks my heart that she came up with this idea to commit suicide together with her young child to end their suffering. It’s so sad how people are so quick to judge others. They accused Tiffany of being a gold digger trying to extort millions from Man-soo because who would believe a bar girl like her anyway? It’s also sickening how the Royeol Group is blackmailing her to withdraw her claims and receive money or else they will put her in jail for false accusation. Though I don’t believe Man-soo is guilty, I’m still disappointed in him for not doing anything to help Tiffany despite him knowing that the situation will lead to her and her daughter’s death.


Now everything makes sense. My theory that the Mujin building collapse and the teenage prostitution case involving Yoon Soo-wan (Lee El) are connected to each other is correct. We learned in this episode that Man-soo and Man-ho’s abuji signed an insurance contract with Woo Byung-sik in exchange for the sexual favors the latter arranged for him. And the teenage girl involved in this deal is none other than Soo-wan a.k.a. Kim Sun-young. This explains why Man-ho is after her and the tape because once she reveals everything to the public, it will be the end for the Royeol Group. You know, I honestly don’t know what should I feel for Man-soo and Man-ho’s father. I pity him because of his health condition, but after learning how he conspired with Woo Byung-sik to fake his death for their individual benefit, I couldn’t help but hate him and think that Man-ho probably got his evil mindset from him.

I can’t wait for the detectives to finally find evidence against Man-ho because it irks me that they are suspecting the wrong person. Yes, Woo Byung-sik is the original owner of the wristwatch with a butterfly design, but we all know that it’s not him behind the killings. In fact, he’s also a victim of the real mastermind who is none other than Man-ho. If we could remember, Man-ho’s abuji showed the commissioner general the wristwatch before and said someone gave it to him. That probably explains how the wristwatch ended up with Man-ho.


Black (Song Seung-hun) continues to feel emotions that are new to him and it start to get in the way of his job as a grim reaper. First, he ached over the death of Mr. Park and his wife, who wanted nothing but justice for their son. Now, he mourns Tiffany and her daughter’s death. So he went to Man-soo to demand him to tell the truth to the police only for him to discover that the chaebol is also set to die soon.

Black’s growing feelings for Ha-ram are now also more evident because no matter how much he denies it, his heart just couldn’t help but care for her. I just read the news about Black’s two-episode extension and though I have a feeling that the history of Ha-ram’s parents might repeat on these two, I still wish that the additional episodes will focus on their love story. What history, you ask? Well, I think I now know why Ha-ram is different. Do you remember the scene where a newlywed couple met an accident? I believe that the grim reaper who was supposed to collect the husband’s soul fell with the wife when he looked at her in the eye so he decided to take over the husband’s body to be able to live with her. Then they had Ha-ram, but because of her ability, the wife discovered that her husband wasn’t really her husband anymore, explaining why her relationship with him and their daughter turned sour. Well, that’s all just my guess. ㅋㅋㅋ

That’s all for now, see you again next week!

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