K-Drama Reaction: Revolutionary Love | Episode 9

We spent another hour trying to figure out how Hyuk’s impulsive decisions will create an impact with the Gangsu Foods, and how will his family react to yet another trouble. I swear I am getting tired of seeing Hyuk always winning in life. It’s just like when the drama tries to give him a shot at redemption, he messes it all up by creating another out-of-this-world move.

Everything turned out so well

I was so touched by his sympathy towards normal people like us, but I have to admit that his actions were a bit over-the-top. I know this is only a work of fiction, but its circumstances are already bordering to a fantasy series. Really, you would use the name of Gangsu Foods to sell a product that has nothing to do with the company? It’s not even possible even in the real world.

But… of course, this is Hyuk’s world. And in Hyuk’s world, everything goes out according to his plans. Whatever Hyuk wants, Hyuk gets. From absorbing the cleaners, to the hiring of interns without resumes, and the co-existence of two competitors… Gangsu Foods even got commendation from the Korean president! LOL

What’s saddening about these series of events was the reality that Hyuk is not really learning the important things that he was supposed to learn through this immersion. Yes, he may be on his way to being the “Ondal” that he is destined to be, but the Robin Hood attitude is not helping him at all. I am not siding the evil in the story, I just want him to be realistic. Just like Section Chief Yang, everyone else is just doing their best to survive, even the Gangsu Foods employees. Hyuk should not always antagonize the employees just because he empathize with the laborers.

Joon’s father: What’s the truth?

Omo… so did Joon’s father really took bribes? I honestly doubt it. I knew he was always innocent of the allegations against him. And the poor guy’s dead, for crying out loud! Stop victim blaming already, show.

Anyway, we *again* witnessed Joon being Joon in this hour. She once more took things on her own and approached Chef Jo (his creation was Gangsu Foods’ newest product). She introduced herself as the Gangsu Foods’ chair’s second son’s secretary. LOL. So you’re pretending to be Je-hoon now, the one job you despise the most? But her aim was different. She managed to convince Chef Jo to back down on the lawsuit against Gangsu Foods for breach of contract. Of course, Joon succeeded to pursuade him by using emotional appeal. Also, when did she have the time to make a graph about consumer base and earnings?

The price of being too independent

At last, Je-hoon finally broke down!!! His father always knew him to be strong, reliable, and independent – which made him not worry about his own son at all. It hurts Je-hoon that his own father only worries about Hyuk, but he never got the nerve to speak up… until today. I was so proud of him today.

I hope his father would also realize that his own son is living the hard life because of the Byun family. He may see things differently by thinking that they had a well-off life because of Hyuk’s family, but that’s not everything. His father even went to jail to take blame for Hyuk’s troubles!

Now that Je-hoon already starting speakingĀ up to his father about his struggles, I hope this also means he would prevent himself from being treated as the Hyuk’s household’s lapdog.

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