K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 9

Whaaaat?!? Wait, let me just close my mouth, lol. That epic twist at the end of this episode almost gave me a locked jaw! Didn’t see that coming at all. Did you?


It was revealed that Joon oppa and Han Moo-gang (Song Seung-hun) are two different individuals. So, does that mean that Joon, who also goes by the name Moo-chan, could still be alive somewhere? If that’s the case, then it could be the reason why Moo-gang didn’t recognize Kang Ha-ram (Go Ara) right away when they first met at a burger joint. But what I cannot explain is why Moo-gang was wearing Joon’s bracelet, the one Ha-ram gave to him before they parted ways. I’m also confused as to why Joon called Kim Sun-young a.k.a. Im Soo-wan (Lee El) “sister.” Are they blood-related or what?

Now, everything becomes more complicated. Black, who took over Moo-gang’s dead body, is officially in love with Ha-ram after he accidentally looked straight to her eyes though I wasn’t so sure if this or the accidental kiss made the cold grim reaper fall for her. Actually, it’s nothing between the two because I believe Black has long been in love with our death-seeing heroine. The way he worries for her says it all. But what will now happen once Ha-ram discovers the truth that the one she thought as Joon isn’t actually Joon but someone else, and that someone else isn’t a human but a grim reaper? I feel so bad for Ha-ram and Black knowing how huge of a heartbreak is waiting for them.


This may be a little too late, but I still want to express my high respect for Moo-gang’s partner detective (Kim Won-hae). He may be notorious for being hot-headed, which earned him the monicker Crazy Dog, but his resolve to always side with the truth is what makes him very commendable. This is why I’m glad that we saw a little more about his history in this episode.

It was revealed that he had a brief romance with Clara, the mama-san who handled Kim Sun-young, and his desire to save her from the flesh trade made me admire him even more. But it’s also saddening that their love ended abruptly when Clara ran away with his money. And just like what I thought, the skeleton with breast implants previously discovered by Crazy Dog’s team is that of Clara, and that she was the hysterical woman harrassing Kim Sun-young because of a video tape. She was hit by the real Han Moo-gang with a hard object during the violent confrontation, but I can’t tell yet whether or not she died from it.


I knew it! Oh Man-soo (Kang Dong-gun) is not guilty! I’m so relieved that Man-soo and Ha-ram were able to save Tiffany and her daughter from sure death. Woah, that was close! In the last episode, I really thought the two died that’s why I couldn’t help myself but to express disappointment with Man-soo. The real culprit in Tiffany’s attempted rape case is none other than Oh Man-ho’s (Choi Min-chul) only son, and no, it’s not a diversionary tactic to turn the public attention away from Woo Byung-sik’s death. It’s just a pure and simple rich-kid-got-high incident. So, to save his son from imprisonment, Man-ho framed Man-soo for the crime. So evil.

Not only that, Man-ho also planned to kill Man-soo and Tiffany, and make it look like a suicide. But the two managed to survive thanks to their unexpected saviors, Black and Ha-ram. You know, Ha-ram’s kindness is sometimes too much. Her desire to save people always puts her in danger. She’s lucky that she always gets saved just in time, but what if her lady luck runs out? She must be extra careful especially now that another grim reaper has stolen her soul’s capsule from Black, putting her in a greater danger. Let’s see what’s going to happen next!

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7 thoughts on “K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 9

  1. Thanks for the recap. I love it. And Black getting 2 extended episodes made me happy. I really like the main characters especially Go Ara, she’s doing a good job as Kang Ha Ram. I absolutely like her character.
    She tough outside but she’s very kind inside, even put her life in danger just to save someone. She can’t ignore their unfairly death..
    Maybe her mother will love her when she save her stepdad.

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    1. Hi @kuroichi 😊 thank you for reading! I agree with you, Go Ara is doing a good job. I like her acting better here than in Hwarang. I’m starting to appreciate Black more now that everything finally seems to make sense. At first, I’m a bit confused with all the happenings being thrown at us. I think Ha-ram’s mother loves her, it’s just that she couldn’t accept the fact that she’s a grim reaper’s daughter. That isn’t confirmed yet though, only my theory. 😁 I’m curious about what will happen to Black and Ha-ram once the latter discovers the truth.


      1. I became a fan of Go Ara since Hwarang..I like her character Ahro,If not for that drama, I wouldn’t know her and I love her also in Black.. Let’s hope for the best for Black.
        Keep up the good recapping!! Black Fighting!!!

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  2. One thing that confused me in this episode was how the “loser” reaper that 444 is hunting managed to get in a doctor’s body and then was able to perform intricate surgeries. From what we saw in episode 1, reaper’s can’t tap into the memories of the bodies they take over or be able to know the knowledge that they possessed and we also know that the loser who took his own life wasn’t a doctor but was a NEET who for the past 2 years would get up on the bridge and threaten to commit suicide but SOMEHOW that loser reaper who was a loser from the start becomes a great obstacle for the notorious 444. That’s like saying a toddler beat a UFC champion XD
    I came to the conclusion that the doctor is the “loser” reaper since we see him get on the bike, or what looked like a scooter, that Moo-gang was chasing a few episodes back. Other than that, good episode with a lot of thrill and suspense.

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  3. He calls her sister, because they were raised by Joon’s mom after Kim Sun Young’s parents died. We can see that in one of the episodes where the madam is trying to talk her into taking her clothes off. She says will Joon eomma pay for your study to become a doctor?


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