Choi Jin-hyuk considers lead role for MBC rom-com Devilish Joy

Choi Jin-hyuk (Tunnel) has been offered to play the lead role in MBC’s new romance-comedy series, Devilish Joy.

According to Choi Jin-hyuk’s agency, it is one of the dramas the actor is considering for his next project. The drama is about a genius doctor, Gong Ma-sung, who falls in love with has-been actress named Joo Ki-peum. The male lead suffers from a fictional medical condition called Cinderella amnesia where “ridiculous memories just insert themselves in his brain.”

The Golden Thumb Pictures will produce Devilish Joy, adding it to their previous line-up of dramas like Mask, Three Days, That Winter the Wind Blows, King of Dramas, and Sign. The script is written by Choi Ji-yeon. The series is part of MBC’s early 2018 line-up for its Mondays and Tuesdays timeslot.

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Image source (1st Look Magazine)


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