K-Lookbook: Lee Jong-suk (While You Were Sleeping)

K-dramas prove that no profession is too boring to write about. From CEOs, doctors, chef, lawyers, and even crown princes, fans have met them all. Recently trends in K-drama use prosecutors to tell various kinds of stories. Remember Ji Chang-wok’s in Suspicious Partner or the ill-tempered Jung Ryeo-won in Witch’s Court? Both of them we loved and admire in their respective series. The current prosecutor who makes fangirl hearts swoon every week is the selca-loving novice Jung Jae-chan portrayed by Park Hye-Ryun’s favored actor, Lee Jong-suk!

Lee Jong-suk latest hit, While You Were Sleeping, tells the story of Division 3 Prosecutor Jung Jae-chan who dreams about future events. As much as it is a thrill to watch, the series is also filled with eye-candies with leads Jong-suk and Suzy at the helm.

Even if we can’t stalk in our dreams this cute prosecutor like Nam Hong-joo, we can still take a peak with his wardrobe. Kaja!

Maknae’s pick:
I know the obvious choice should have been Jong-suk clad up in a well-fitted suit but he and Suzy look visually good during their date in the meadow. I really love his men’s round-neck sweater. It looks comfy and was perfect for a casual date.

Maknae Style 101: Taller Gent

Lee Jong-suk has been blessed with perfectly balanced tall frame so it was not surprising his capsule wardrobe is composed of clothes in neutral palettes like grey, black, and navy. And since he works as a prosecutor, we often see him in suits. No complaints there but for gentlemen blessed with long limbs but not as proportion as Lee Jong-suk then here are some tips so you won’t appear too lanky.

1. Color-blocking and whites
A rule of the thumb that regular readers might have noticed I always used is picking one piece of clothing that will act as ‘attention-shifter.’ You could either color-block or pick one piece with bold color. It can help draw away the attention from areas of the body you don’t want to emphasize.

2. Prints and patterns
Prints and patterns work the opposite way as bold colors. Use a statement print or pattern to highlight the body part you deem is an asset.

3. Layering
Those who have mastered the art of layering can create visually fascinating outfits. However, layering can also be used to create an illusion of bulkier figure.

The Beautiful Gents of While You Were Sleeping

Jung Hae-in is the runaway winner of this year’s most adorable K-drama second lead award. This cop may have a puppy-like smile but his bod is no joke.

Lee Sang-yeob may get all the hate because of his evil character but his suits in this series are not bad. In fact, this lawyer is cruelly good looking.

Lee Jong-suk has played a variety of role throughout his career. He has proven he has a knack for picking a good drama but he also has a skill to look gorgeous in any clothes he wears (yep, including that bad wig from Pinocchio!).

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