K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 10

So technically, both Han Moo-gang and Joon (Song Seung-hun) are dead.


My hopes that Joon could still be alive somewhere following the revelation that he and Moo-gang are two different individuals are immediately erased after the latter’s mother confirmed that Joon died two decades ago. He got into a hit-and-run accident and since then, his younger half-brother Moo-gang wore his bracelet given by Kang Ha-ram (Go Ara). It is also revealed that the two were only a year old apart and that they really resembled a lot, which probably explains why Ha-ram hasn’t realized until now that the one she believes is Joon is actually not.

My heart bleeds not only for Ha-ram and Joon, but also for Moo-gang and Im Soo-wan a.k.a. Kim Sun-young (Lee El). The lady doctor is also not aware that the man she loves had already died and is only able to stay “alive” because of a grim reaper. I believe that Soo-wan didn’t accept Moo-gang’s feelings for her due to an ulterior motive; I think she naturally fell for him despite the fact that she knows who he is. I also believe that Soo-wan only discovered that Moo-gang is doing an investigation into the teenage prostitution in Mujin when they’re already in a relationship. Now, I wonder what did Joon’s biological mother tell Moo-gang that convinced him to leave his stable job as an accountant in the U.S. and become a detective. A move that cost him his life as he was killed by a minion of Oh Man-ho (Choi Min-chul) to silence him and make sure that the Royeol Group won’t get dragged in the issue.

Speaking of the devil and his continuous search for the video tape, I wonder where on Earth it could be? We know that it was in Moo-gang’s possession when he was still alive, so could it be possible that he hid it somewhere else before Man-ho’s minion raided his basement?


At first, we were told that there are two types of grim reapers. The first ones are born as grim reapers, while the second ones are the humans who committed suicide and turned into grim reapers as punishment. But in this episode, it was revealed that all grim reapers were actually humans. There’s no such grim reaper who was automatically born as one. Aside from humans who committed suicide, the ones whose bodies are still missing are also turned into grim reapers. They will return to their original human form once their skeletons are found just like what happened with rapper grim reaper who was revealed to be one of the Mujin middle school students killed in the building collapse. He returned to his young boy appearance after his skeleton was unearthed at the collapse incident grounds.

Clara also returned to her original human form, which is a man because she’s a transgender, after her skeletons were discovered. We learned that she died after the young Moo-gang hit her in the head with a hard object while she was harassing Sun-young to give her the video tape. Crazy Dog also now knows the truth that Clara didn’t run away from him, instead she died that’s why she never came back. What puzzles him is why Moo-gang is doing a secret investigation into the teenage prostitution in Mujin. I imagine how frustrating it is for him because no matter how much he wanted Moo-gang to tell him the reason, it would be impossible because Moo-gang doesn’t remember anything because of his head injury. But the truth is he doesn’t know because he’s not Moo-gang anymore but a grim reaper.

I wonder where Black’s body is buried? What is his identity? And if their codes are the dates of their deaths, then 444 is what?

P.S. I know I’m not the only one who wanted to kill Man-ho right there and then when he beat up Sip-gyeon to death. Argh, I’m fuming with anger! I want him and his rotten son to die!!!

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3 thoughts on “K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 10

  1. From now on I’ll read your blog everytime I finish a new episode because this dorama is amazing but sometimes kinda confusing, and reading your post help me understand some parts.

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  2. Great recaps! My only criticism is that in the article you say Clara as a reaper returned to her original human form, a man. This is not true! As explained in the drama, the grim reapers of missing people take on false faces, which suggests that Clara appears as a man *because* that is NOT her true form!


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