K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 11

The day when Black has to choose whether to follow the rules of heavens or his heart has come and just like what I thought, the heart will win no matter what.


I think Kang Ha-ram (Go Ara) is either a saint or just a plain idiot. I understand that she wants to save as many people as she can, but she also has to think that if she would just jump into danger so mindlessly just like what she did in this episode, she’d end up dead herself or the people around her, Black (Song Seung-hun) in particular, would be in danger as well.

Oh Man-ho’s (Choi Min-chul) minions trooped to the Royeol Mall construction site to scare the protesters away. But somebody set the container van where the protesters’ children are staying on fire, causing panic. Ha-ram asked for Black’s help and swear, I could feel the frustration he’s into during that moment. I knew it was so hard for him to decide whether to abide by the heavens’ rule to never ever interfere in life order on Earth or follow his heart to help Ha-ram and the innocent children. In the end, Black decided to follow his heart, and I couldn’t help but fear the punishment awaiting him for what he did.

It came to me as a surprise when Ha-ram’s stepdad asked her whether she’s okay because after harrassing Ha-ram several times, I couldn’t believe he still has concern for our heroine. But maybe it’s true that Ha-ram’s stepdad isn’t a total evil at all. He loves his sick son so much that got himself involved in the riot to raise funds for his operation. Probably that’s what Ha-ram’s mother saw in him that’s why she couldn’t leave his side despite being beaten up by him.

Given the fact that Black was able to break the rules of heavens for Ha-ram, there’s no denying that he’s now totally into her. I’m so touched by the way he worries and cares for her, and I also find his jealousy over Oh Man-soo (Kang Dong-gun) very cute. But I could feel that he and Ha-ram will soon face a huge problem especially when the latter discovers the truth that he isn’t Joon, but Han Moo-gang, and that he’s not a human anymore but a grim reaper.


I find it weird when a random blind man told Ha-ram not to change people’s fate so carelessly or else she would regret its consequences. But after the death of an actress, I totally got what that man meant. Black deduced that the culprit behind the actress’ killing was the same man with a scar on his face who killed a mental hospital director. That man was one of the people Ha-ram saved from the fire at the Royeol Mall construction site so if you’re gonna think of it, if Ha-ram didn’t interfere and let things happen the way they’re supposed to be, then that man wouldn’t be able to kill the actress.

That scarred man was also the one Black saw chasing Moo-gang and Joon in a dream, and the same man who threatened Yoon Soo-wan (Lee El). It was also revealed that he’s the one who sent a death threat to Leo, and the one who padlocked the container van at the Royeol Mall construction site that endangered the children’s lives. I wonder what’s his motive for all the crimes he did. Could it be true that he’s just a mentally ill person who finds joy in killing people? But why do I feel like he has something to do with the Mujin teenage prostitution case?

I think I now know where the runaway grim reaper is hiding. I’m guessing he has taken over the body of the male doctor who stole Ha-ram’s soul capsule from Black. This theory was almost confirmed when he attacked Leo at the hospital.

P.S. All this time, I thought Black only has 10 episodes (blame Wikipedia) plus the two-episode extension. But upon re-checking, I learned that it will run until December 10 for a total of 18 episodes. I’m shooktd! ㅋㅋㅋ

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