K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 12

It has been revealed.


The moment of truth! Just like what I imagined, Kang Ha-ram (Go Ara) didn’t take the revelation easily, and I totally get it. It’s only natural for her to feel betrayed and to fume with anger because of it. Imagine how shocking it might’ve been for her to learn that the man she thought to be her first love Joon isn’t actually Joon, but his younger half-brother Han Moo-gang (Song Seung-hun). And that Moo-gang, who is actually Black, didn’t bother to tell her the truth. What more painful is the discovery that the real Joon died 20 years ago, and that she had no idea about it at all.

I couldn’t get angry at Im Soo-wan (Lee El) for revealing the truth to Ha-ram because of her good intention. She only did it to protect Moo-gang from the scarred mental hospital patient killer. But I wonder what would be Soo-wan’s reaction once she discovers that the Moo-gang she’s protecting so hard isn’t actually Moo-gang anymore but a grim reaper?

My heart ached for Ha-ram when I saw her crying in front of Joon’s ashes. I could imagine how painful it is for her to realize that the person she longs so much is already dead. Because of it, I want the truth behind Joon’s death to be revealed to serve him justice. I believe that he didn’t die of a hit-and-run accident but murdered, and the culprit is none other than the scarred mental hospital patient killer, who also killed Ha-ram’s dad, Clara, the mental hospital director, and actress Lee So-mi. Probably, the young Joon and Moo-gang witnessed something at the abandoned building (it could be Clara’s murder, idk) that’s why they were chased by that killer. He might’ve spotted Joon then hit him deliberately with a car that’s why his body was found near the vicinity.

This could be the truth that the real Moo-gang wanted to uncover that’s why he left his job in the U.S. and joined the police force in his homeland, but sadly, he was killed while investigating the case. And my guess is that it’s Oh Man-ho (Choi Min-chul) who ordered the real Moo-gang dead because the scarred killer worked for his abuji, and if the truth gets revealed, it would be a huge blow to the Royeol Group. It might also be Man-ho who locked up the scarred killer at the mental hospital in an attempt to silence him, but he was able to flee after 20 years.


Ha-ram can’t accept the fact that her dad’s killer was also the same man she saved twice that’s why she once again jumped into danger in order to catch him. But her lady luck seems to run out already, and this episode’s cliffhanger ending seems to suggest that she was also killed by the scarred mental hospital patient killer. Andwae! Please don’t die yet, Ha-ram!

Her life story would be one of the saddest should she die this early. She didn’t feel any love from her mother since she was young. In fact, her mother even attempted to kill her when she was just a little girl. Her father was the only person by her side, but unfortunately, he was killed, and she unknowingly saved her father’s killer twice. She liked Joon, but I think the latter only liked her as a sister. She then mistook Joon for his half-brother when they crossed paths 20 years after they parted ways. But after knowing the truth, she also discovered that her first love is already dead. She lived all her life alone and scared, and now, you’re telling me that she died after striving so hard to stay alive? No, I can’t accept it!

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6 thoughts on “K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 12

  1. Me too, we have the same sentiment about her “dying” but who knows it is a plot twist?
    I believe she’s not that dead but nearly dying, however she will survive..
    I really feel her pain and sorrow living her life alone yet, she still wants to live. She’s such a brave girl too,risking her life so many times because she can’t ignore the deaths of people.

    I wish Ha Ram to have a happy life even though Joon was dead.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True! She’s a very admirable heroine I must say! Can’t wait for the next episode because just like what you said, her “dying” scene could lead to a major plot twist. I also want her to lead a happy life if she survives because she deserves it. I’m fine with her ending up with Man-soo because he’s a nice guy also. 😀


      1. Yeah, Joon is dead and Moo Gang, if he returns to his body, will love Soo Wan..
        Moo Gang and Ha Ram didn’t have any time to have their relationship develop.. so I don’t think they suit each other…

        However, Man Soo has developed feelings for her. They are cute together (especially in the halloween party).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, Man-soo and Ha-ram look good together. Hmmm, is it possible for Moo-gang to still go back? I would love that, but he was already declared dead, right? 😥

        I wish Black to find his body soon though I’m torn on this because once he finds his true self, he will have to ascend or descend (depends if he’s good or bad when he’s still alive). Then he will no choice but to leave Ha-ram whom he now loves so much. 💔


  2. It’s just my theory, if MG will return to his body since Black is using it.
    And the drama is near its end so we should be ready for more intense revelations.
    There’s no happy ending romance between Joon/Black and Ha Ram (that’s what I predict though)

    Liked by 1 person

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