Kam Woo-sung, Kim Sun-a courted to lead melodrama Should We Kiss First

A new SBS melodrama is in the works! And it looks like the K-Drama genies are eyeing a daebak tandem. Should We Kiss First, a slice of life drama depicting the realistic beginning of romance between a lonely ajumma and a jaded ajussi, has offered the lead roles to Kam Woo-sung (My Spring Days) and Kim Sun-a (My Lovely Sam Soon, Woman of Dignity).

If he accepts the project, Kam Woo-sung will take the role of Sohn Moo-han, a production director at a top advertising company. He is described as someone who used to bounce off the walls but has transformed into a vintage BOF (boring old fart) through the years. On the other hand, Kim Sun-a is up to play a lonely flight attendant who gave up on love after the death of her daughter.

Bae Yoo-mi, who won the 2011 MBC Drama Awards Best Screenplay for Twinkle Twinkle, will write the script for SBS’ Should We Kiss First.

Should We Kiss First is slated to air after Doubtful Victory, Yoon Kyun-sang’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama set to premiere on November 27.

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