K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 13

Good news: Kang Ha-ram is alive! Bad news: She’s still missing.


I was so frustrated with the last episode’s cliffhanger ending. But despite all the clues that seem to suggest that Ha-ram (Go Ara) is also killed by the scarred mental hospital patient killer, I still have a strong feeling that she’s alive somewhere. And my gut-feel is correct! We just don’t know yet where is that place she’s been staying. I just hope Black (Song Seung-hun) will find her soon because she needs medical attention badly for her stab wounds. Good thing is that Black is doing his best to locate her body because he thinks Ha-ram is already dead. I could feel how devastated he was when he listened to the final call Ha-ram made to the police telling them about a murder that is supposed to happen but failed to give where the address is. Aaah, if only Ha-ram called Black during that situation then she wouldn’t be in danger right now. But how could I fully blame her when I totally understand the reason why she’s shutting Black out of her life?

Black discovered the documents Oh Man-soo (Kang Dong-gun) gave Ha-ram concerning her father’s death. These led Crazy Dog to interrogate Oh Man-ho (Choi Min-chul) on whether he signed an insurance claim document in exchange for killing Clara and Joon to conceal the sexual favors he got from minors. Of course, Man-ho denied everything! I believe that Crazy Dog is only a few steps away from the truth though I think it wasn’t Man-ho but his father who had sexual favors from minors, specifically Kim Sun-young a.k.a. Im Soo-wan (Lee El), and Man-ho was only cleaning after his father’s mess to protect their company. This explains why Man-ho is furious with his father to the point that he wishes him to just die already for turning him into a monster.

The scarred mental hospital patient killer confessed to Black that he did kill Clara in exchange for the insurance benefits of his wife whom he also killed. It was also revealed that he murdered Ha-ram’s father for meddling in his mission. But he denied killing the young Joon, and said it was “that jerk,” whom I believe is Man-ho, who killed the young boy. But why?

Because the scarred mental hospital patient killer wasn’t able to get the tape from Clara, he lied to Man-ho that he has it to blackmail him and get the insurance money. But Man-ho connived with his sister-in-law and her husband to lock him up at a mental hospital for 20 years. Now that he managed to flee, he aims to take his revenge by killing his sister-in-law, and the people dear to Man-ho like actress Lee Mi-so, who is Man-ho’s girlfriend, and popular actor Leo. But why Leo? What is his connection to Man-ho for him to become a target?

The scarred mental hospital patient killer told Black all about these things, but he wasn’t able to reveal the most important thing before he was shot to death—where the hell is Ha-ram!?!

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