K-Lookbook: Bae Suzy (While You Were Sleeping)

I always thought the ‘pause button’ is the worst enemy of any personalities in the entertainment industry, particularly those who maintains their visual image. No matter how gorgeous they are, any untimely halt on the video you’re playing will reveal an awkward still they don’t want you to screen-cap. After watching While You Were Sleeping though, I discovered that there is no such thing for Bae Suzy.

This singer-actress looks fresh and pretty whatever the scene is. She might have struggled with her gift of seeing visions in her dreams but there is no doubt she didn’t sweat a bit on looking beautiful throughout this hit Park Hye-ryun drama.

I won’t pause anymore and start this breakdown of worthy style inspo from the Nation’s First Love!

Maknae’s pick: Geek Chic

I am totally in love with Nam Hong-joo’s round eyeglasses that I actually bought a rose gold one. ㅋㅋㅋ

This item’s purpose was to separate Hong-joo from Suzy and create a totally different character. But really, who are they kidding? It just proved Suzy can pull off the nerdy style.

Style 101: Work Attire

Thinking about your daily outfit for work could be a daunting task, particularly for people who are conscious of clothes they wear every single working day. A major factor that affects our decision is what clothes would make us look presentable and respectable. Most of the time, this objective limits us to muted tones and boring garbs. This is the case for reporter Hong-joo. She successfully managed to look like someone who came from a fashion spread at the same time exude authority she needs. Get your next workday style inspo with this handy tips from Suzy!

1. The Right One

Blazer is a must for those who worked in a strict corporate setting. You should choose that right blazer that you can mix and match with your other blouses and even shirts.

2. Getting Through Winter

Having lunch-out meetings or travelling for business during winter can dampen your fashion sense. The same rules as blazers apply: find an overcoat with the right length and style that could be the highlight of your whole outfit. It would definitely put a character on your usual gray or black winter choices.

3. All Out in Spring and Summer

Warmer weather means you can play around with colors and prints. Take advantage of spring and summer seasons and be stylish at work as much as you do outside the office. From flowy summer dresses to comfortable button-downs, this Hong-joo OOTDs are a must-try.

4. Everyone’s Favorite Casual Friday

Its time of the week where your worries go away as you can dress down and be laid-back. Wear your faux leather jacket or subtlety couple dress with your office romance ala Nam Hong-joo

Trend Spotlight: Almost everyone thought statement sleeve is a passing trend but it has become a staple in women’s wardrobe in recent months. Suzy showed how to wear this embellished shirts in a very ritzy way.


Traversing the path towards your dream job can be full of hurdles and thorns that’ll hurt you and make you stumble most of the time. But remember, “Don’t cry too much. Don’t beat yourself up for too long. But never forget what happened.”

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