K-Drama Reaction: While You Were Sleeping | Finale

Every dream, good or bad, has to end.

The End

Jung Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk) ended the lies created by Lee Yoo-beom (Lee Sang-yeob). He successfully prosecuted the infamous lawyer to implicating an innocent man to a crime he didn’t do, colluding to kill Nam Hong-joo (Bae Suzy), and murdering the IV serial killer Ha Joo-an (Lee Eun-woo) to cover-up his tracks. All of it was given justice by how Jae-chan presented the evidence at hand. He even managed to pull through a potential complication with the revelation his key witness, Han Woo-tak (Jung Hae-in), was colorblind.

The celebration though was marred by the death of Choi Dam-dong (Kim Won-hae). I was looking for something in the last episode and I was given this emotional kick that wrenched my viewer’s heart. I thought everything will just go smoothly after the trial but Jae-chan had to go through this. It was also poignant to know that Dam-dong lived his life knowing how it will end.

The Beginning

Jae-chan had to face a new beginning after all the wounds of the past started healing. What I like about his healing process was that he let Hong-joo be by his side and support him while the pain was still there. It felt like an admission by the both of them that they have to do it on their own but they both need each other’s support.

The Now

After everything they’ve been through, their story ended in a wedding. Although it was not theirs, it was still nice to see everyone smiling and having fun. Most of the characters would continue their lives the way it used to be, the only difference is that they now have another person to turn to when they feel weak. I was also happy to see Han Woo-tak (Jung Hae-in) adjusting his new normal.

Afterthoughts of a Dongsaeng:

– Most of the guest stars came back for the finale!

– Kim So-hyun and Suzy should have another drama. I really love their bickering!

– It was hillarious how other prosecutors discovered that Prosecutor Lee and Prosecutor Son are in a romantic relationship.

Maknae’s Series Verdict

The story of Hong-joo and Jae-chan has come to an end. Let’s lookback to everything that made it very exciting to watch.

The whole soundtrack was a must-listen but this one is on the loop in my music player:

Despite the technical term I’ve used for the sub-title, I’m no film professional so this is just all about me appreciating how aesthetically pleasing the shots are. The color and camera angles breathed life into a good story. And who wasn’t impress with how they execute the kiss-in-the-rain scene?

One of the most obvious elements that makes a series good are the actors. They don’t have to be Baeksang-winning actors, they just have to fit their fictional characters. I think the casting director did a great job for balancing the skills needed to do the series and the fame the actors have for it be talked about.

The Future: Nam Da-reum, Shin Yi-joon, Shin Jae-ha, and Lee Do-Gyeom.
The young actors in WYWS were really impressive. From the young Jae-chan and Hong-joo to Jae-chan’s brother Jung Seung-won and Myung Dae-Goo (Lee Do-Gyeom), it was obvious they are the future of K-drama. The son of the falsely accused murderer was also worth noting.

The clowns: Division 3 prosecutors and secretaries, Police Officer Oh Kyung-han (Lee Yoo-joon) and Hong-joo’s omoni Yoon Moon-sun (Hwang Young-hee).
As the scenes get heavy and melodramatic, the supporting characters rescue us and give a bit of hilarity. They also have their own share of poignant moments where they let you shed a tear or two. It was a proof this character actors are very versatile.

The Standouts: Jung Hae-in, Lee Sang-yeob, and Kim Won-hae.
In every series, there would be this breakout stars that you’ll really wonder why you haven’t noticed them before.

K-drama fans are all familiar with Kim Won-hae. With a long list of dramas he appeared on, it was no surprise he impressive his acting skills are. This drama really utilized it.

When you hate a story’s antagonist that means the actor is effective in his role. Lee Sang-yeob was so good portraying the evil lawyer that I always roll my eyes whenever my friends say he’s actually good looking. It was hard to separate him to his character.

This post will not be complete if I don’t mention the new K-actor who captured a lot of hearts with his adorable smile and bagel-ness. Jung Hae-in appeared in numerous dramas before and his fans might send dagger looks to me when I say, I haven’t noticed him before. The only clear role I remember is his Goblin cameo and it was just a passing admiration I didn’t even Googled him. But WYWS gave him a chance to put his name at a Hallyu level. I just wished though that Woo-tak had a better ending in this series. I felt like his character wasn’t fleshed out. He should have had more depth as it was how it was teased earlier in the series. I really thought the twist on his character would be groundbreaking and shake the whole situation but it didn’t. Let’s all pray to dramagenies, Hae-in will get good follow-up dramas!

The Leads: Suzy and Lee Jong-suk.
When the casting was announced for this series, I tilted my head a little and tried to imagine if they can be a couple. I honestly couldn’t until I’ve seen their stills in the cafe. A spark of chemistry was there and exploded at my face when the series started. They are lovable onscreen. I love how their characters have these relatable imperfections that make them so humane. Lee Jong-suk, as usual, did a great job with his role and trying out things to differentiate it from his previous role. The same could be said to Suzy who even cut her hair short and wears huge glasses to have a distinction between her and Hong-joo.

The admirable characters would be all for naught if the storytelling was bad. WYWS’s strongest point, for me, is the storytelling. It conveyed the stories of each character, including the guest stars, in an unconventional way that is very effective.

Overall Verdict

Did WYWS live up to its hype? A half yes and a no. Despite its exciting and thrilling episodes, the whole series left a soft punch that I could easily overcome in the next months. Every new case they handle made me hold on to the edge of my seat but the revelations did not make me fall off in shock. It was probably because the main plot lacks in some way. It was like eating good appetizers but the main course needs more salt and pepper. Overall, WYWS was a good series every K-drama fantasy fans should watch but it will not be a classic.

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