K-Drama Reaction: Two Cops | Episodes 3-4

Heol! Daebak! Cho Jung-seok is on fire! Oppa already displayed his undeniable acting skills in the first two episodes of Two Cops but his charm in Episodes 3-4 is of another level. I warn you K-Drama earthlings, do not watch, I repeat do not watch Two Cops Ep 3-4 if you’re not ready to fall for his spell.

From the moment Gong Soo-chang opened his eyes in Cha Dong-tak’s body, you will clearly see the difference in Cho Jung-seok‘s gaze. He made the scene downright hilarious with the aid of the ever reliable Park Jin-joo.

Here’s how hysterical Cho Jung-seok was when Gong Soo-chang’s spirit was trying to leave Cha Dong-tak’s body.

One of my favorite scenes in Two Cops Ep 3-4 is when Gong Soo-chang was using his conman skills to extract information from Yong-pal (Lee Si-un), a gang leader they arrested who might lead the police to the Masked Rider. After finding out that Yong-pal dearly loves his mother who just passed away, Gong Soo-chang pretended to see the ghost of the thug’s omma.

Tipsy Musings

Viewers may have complaints over Hyeri‘s portrayal of Song Ji-an but you can’t deny her chemistry with Cho Jung-seok. Whether it’s Cha Dong-tak or Gong Soo-chang in the Charismatic Cop’s body, your heart will definitely skip a beat when they share the screen.

This makes me wonder how hard it will be for her (more for me, actually, hehe) to choose between the two male leads since they will share one body.

On the other hand, contrasting Cha Dong-tak and Gong Soo-chang is an easy task for Cho Jung-seok oppa. He’s like a charming puppy when portraying the conman then transforms into a tsundere when playing the cop. From the way his eyes look to the way he tilts his head, you’ll know the difference between the two.

And another undeniable thing, Cho Jung-seok‘s wink make my knees weak.

Two Cops Ep3 4 jo jung suk wink gong soo chang

Kim Sun-ho did not disappoint as well. Despite being a novice in the drama world, he has been proving himself in Two Cops. One thing that did not suit me though was his voice over at the start of Episode 3 when Gong Soo-chang just found out that he’s not in his own body and was talking to himself. I don’t know if it’s a tech issue but it sounded staged, like a person recorded his voice in the studio and not someone talking in his mind.

Further, the story has already progressed with our leads being able to prove Gong Soo-chang’s innocence and freed him from murder raps. PDnim also answered our question on how the conman will be able to get out of Cha Dong-tak’s body.

I’m looking forward to the Charismatic Cop’s reaction when he discovers how the Charming Conman possessed him, and how these two will share one body. Especially since the episode ended with the Masked Rider sneaking at the police station and with Gong Soo-chang looking like he’ll help Cha Dong-tak.

❤ A shout out to the video editors of Two Cops for the awesome transition when showing Gong Soo-chang in Cha Dong-tak’s body.

Tipsy Findings

Here’s the first part of Two Cops OST, Don’t Ask by Voisper.

❤ Okay, I take back my theory on Hoya being the knife-wielding motorcycle rider. I will now point my finger to this new character, Tak Jae-Hee (Park Hoon), the prosecutor who seems close with Song Ji-an and is the son of the corrupt police official. He’s really suspicious after turning out to be the one handling the case of Cha Dong-tak’s partner and lying to Song Ji-an about it.

Catch you on the next episode. Annyeong!

~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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