K-Drama Reaction: Two Cops | Episodes 5-6

One thing I appreciate about Two Cops is that it always keeps me on the edge of my seat. There may be some loop holes from time to time like this annoying “oh-look-the-suspect-dropped-another-clue” shenanigans, but it still keeps me hooked and makes me want to watch the next episode.

Two Cops Episodes 5-6 revealed the deal on Gong Soo-chang’s situation with the help of the adorkable Miss Bong, who seems to be everywhere in all honesty.

Well, according to her, the Charming Conman and the Charismatic Cop are meant to be partners and must finish some homework of fate. I wonder what this is since it looks like the two are somewhat connected in the past. Also, Gong Soo-chang has 49 days to find out his connection with Cha Dong-tak or else he’ll die.

Tipsy Musings

Two Cops Ep 5 6 Jo Jung Suk abs cha dong tak topless

I must have done something good in my past life for the K-Drama Gods to bless me like this. Two shirtless scenes already, 아싸 (assa)! Cha Dong-tak had a mental breakdown trying to deny that he’s hearing Gong Soo-chang’s voice, and the result is priceless.

Hyeri has this expression which I think is the possible reason why some viewers find her annoying. She has this certain look in her eyes and the way she curls her lips when she talks that makes her look like doing aegyo all the time.

But can I be honest? I don’t really have a problem with it. Yes, her performance is not superb but it’s not to the level that it’ll be painful to watch the drama. Plus, I find myself smiling like a pabo whenever she shares a sweet moment with Cho Jung-seok

I’m also starting to love Yong-pal and the gang, they’re like an army of huggable  teddy-bears. He may deny it but this thug has a soft spot for Cha Dong-tak.

This scene actually reminds of the Hwarangs’ dramatic entrance in Episode 15, hahaha. That moment when you feel hopeless then your fam arrives in the nick of time.

Tipsy Findings

Does this scene look familiar to you? If it does, well you probably have seen Jealousy Incarnate as well! Park Jin-joo played Nurse Oh who took care of our handsome oppa.

Here’s an aegyo-filled video of Park Jin-joo and Cho Jung-seok! ❤ ❤

Two Cops Ep 5-6 ended with Gong Soo-chang convincing Cha Dong-tak that they caught the wrong Masked Rider. The Charming Conman also asked the daring detective to let him inside his body to find the real culprit. Do you think Cha Dong-tak will agree to this?

Let’s find out in the next Two Cops episode. Annyeong!

~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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